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Apple’s first iPhone unveiled 10 years ago

9th Jan 17 2:53 pm

Do you remember the very first iPhone?

Apple’s very first iPhone was unveiled ten years ago, today.

Since Steve Job’s released the first mobile phone, Apple have sold more than one billion.

The huge popularity in the tech has seen the company’s value soar to £515bn.

Since the launch of the first iPhone there has been 11 new devices that have followed it, some of the new designs faced controversy over design, size and the removal of the normal headphone jack.

The first device also led to the beginning of the App store back in 2008, this helped inventors make fortunes, especially with apps such as Angry Birds, WhatsApp and Uber.

Apple also created voice activated assistant Siri, the use of touch ID, as well as a powerful 64-bit processor.

The next phone is expected to be unveiled in September and is rumoured to feature a bigger screen that covers most of the device.

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