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Angry protest erupts in East London over Rashan Charles death

29th Jul 17 12:50 pm

Here’s what happened

Angry protests over the death of Rashan Charles erupted Friday night as a large gang with their faces covered, clashed with police dressed in riot gear on Kingsland road, Dalston.

Bottles, fireworks and other objects were thrown at the police and protestors were starting fires in the roads and burning wheelie bins, a few unverified Twitter feeds, say that protestors were also throwing acid.

Dramatic footage shows some of the extent of the damage from Friday nights protests.

Riot police, horses, dogs and helicopters could be seen rushing to the scene as the violence was getting out of control, bars and restaurants were locking customers inside for their own safety and a Tesco store locked customer inside also.

A witness said: “I was walking home from my brother’s house. He lives at one end of Kingsland Road and I live in the other.

“There were hundreds of police, 10 vans, five horses and two helicopters.

“People are chanting “we want justice” and “justice for Rash”.”

Rashan Charles died last week after he was wrestled to the ground by police, after which a struggle took place and it was reported he had put something in his mouth. He later died.

Detective Superintendent Claire Crawley, from Hackney, said: “The disorder of last night was separate from the peaceful protest at Stoke Newington Police Station that was held earlier that day.

“Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, but there was inconvenience to local residents and road users and damage caused to vehicles, a cash machine and a number of windows.

“We will always support the right to lawful protest but behaviour such as that seen last night cannot be tolerated.”

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