Home Business Insights & Advice Ambriola, a subsidiary of Auricchio in the United States, has chosen Mashfrog Group for the implementation of Infor M3

Ambriola, a subsidiary of Auricchio in the United States, has chosen Mashfrog Group for the implementation of Infor M3

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18th Oct 21 11:29 am

Mashfrog Group has been chosen by Ambriola, an American subsidiary of Auricchio that deals with imports into the US of famous Made in Italy gastronomic products, to manage the roll out of the Infor M3 solution.

More specifically, Auricchio presented the need to adopt a new system for its US subsidiary, in which the current name and tax framework for the food and beverage sector must also be naturally taken into account.

The collaboration with Mashfrog Group will have the purpose of analysing the existing model, identifying critical issues, implementing the Infor M3 solution and then checking the trend following the go live, providing all the necessary support to the customer.

Auricchio: quality made in Italy

Auricchio certainly does not need any introduction, being one of the best-known Italian companies in the world. Founded in 1877 by Gennaro Auricchio in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, in the province of Naples, the company has been able to make the most of the gastronomic excellences of our country which, also thanks to the entrepreneurial acumen of the Auricchio family, have conquered the palates of the whole world.

It is also for this reason that the Group is particularly happy to be able to work towards the realisation of this project, as we can offer the best skills to a company that has contributed to the development of the Made in Italy brand throughout the world and whose process of international growth continues, as is demonstrated by their many years of presence in the United States. To date, Auricchio can count on more than 140 years of history as well as a turnover that exceeds 200 million Euros.

A hybrid solution for the team

Mashfrog Group will make a hybrid team available to the client, composed of seven European and American professionals, who will be able to operate both remotely and at the customer’s premises.

This structure will allow Ambriola to obtain notable advantages. First off, it will be able to take advantage of professionals directly on site, who will always be at the customer’s disposal and ready to intervene quickly, but at the same time it will also be able to rely on European skills, specifically developed in the technical area. Moreover, it will be able to count on a particularly advantageous economic offer for the entire project, as well as an overall shorter construction time.

An ulterior confirmation of the professional competences of the Group

Mashfrog Group is particularly proud of this project because it allows us to support a remarkably virtuous Italian entrepreneurial reality that today represents a real model of doing business, but also because it demonstrates how the Group’s internationalisation and development process is proceeding in the best possible manner. The entry into the US market and the recognition of increasingly prestigious partners who attest to the elevated skills of the professionals who work in Mashfrog are the best confirmation of the excellent work done so far and provide the right reasons to aim for even better results.

Finally, it provides further confirmation of the skills of the group’s Infor BU, as Enrico Capogrosso, Global Director Infor Practice, also reiterated: “We are working to create a new generation of international excellence in the InforOS and Infor CloudSuites fields, and the market is recognising this work more and more.”

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