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Amazon Prime thursday night football: How the tech giant has done, and can they improve?

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4th Nov 22 12:36 pm

Amazon Prime has been showing Thursday night football for the first time this season, and it appears as if this isn’t going to be going away anytime soon. This is going to be a major money-maker not only for the NFL but also for Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon Prime.

In order to watch these Thursday night football games, you have to have a streaming service in order to watch because it isn’t found on TV on your local channels. NFL picks and parlays are usually made by NFL sports betting fans every Thursday night and also at other times throughout the NFL regular season. How do people feel about the streaming service?

Not that great

Let’s be real about the technology on Amazon Prime, the streaming service isn’t that great because it can sometimes be a minute behind. Some people sometimes have to restart the stream. The first time they showed it back in Week 2, when the Los Angeles Chargers faced the Kansas City Chiefs, the streaming service turned out to be horrible, and a lot of NFL fans were complaining about it on Twitter.

It will get better, hopefully, as time goes on, and it appears to be the case. If someone is going to pay money for a streaming service, the quality of the stuff better be good because people will not want to watch it on that particular streaming service if that’s the case.

Some people believe thursday night football shouldn’t be a thing

Other than Opening Night and Thanksgiving Day, there are those NFL fans and NFL players that believe there should be no Thursday night football. First of all, the games, for the most part, are on Thursday night football, and this is being done for the sole purpose of money and nothing else.

Injuries don’t also heal properly for NFL players on a short week when they play on Sunday and then have to play on Thursday night. The thing is, Thursday night football is not going anywhere anytime soon, and this is why it is going to stay around because it makes the NFL money. The player safety stuff people want to believe is utter nonsense for the league as long as they are getting their revenue and pocket change weekly.

Hello Black Friday

Starting in the 2023 regular season, Amazon Prime will be airing an NFL game on Black Friday. This is something that the NFL should not be doing, and they are completely overkilling. Their great tradition is the three Thanksgiving Day games and then no games until Sunday.

They want to do this because of all of the college football games that are being played on Friday afternoons on Black Friday. Not a lot of people are thrilled that this is going to be the case. The only positive is that they are out they can watch the game on their IPADs or their iPhones. A lot of people also stay home on that day anyways and will watch football all day, so it will be exciting for them to watch, even with the NFL rarely playing games on Fridays.

Are streaming services the future?

Streaming services could very well be the way we watch TV. Games in the past on Thursday nights were either on CBS, FOX, or the NFL Network. Now with it on Amazon Prime, a lot of people were wondering if this going to be the future. Well, for Peacock and Paramount Plus, those are stream services, and they are paid for. Those reviews have been very good.

Amazon Prime moving forward, is going to have to step up its game. The ratings have been better than expected in this way, but they would get more if it was the same way or if the streaming service gets better or if people didn’t have to pay for it. The fans are not used to it being that way. Lastly, Amazon Prime and the NFL will be just fine because they will find a way to make it work in the long run.


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