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Airport expansion decision on hold until October

30th Jun 16 11:01 am

The airport saga continues

We would not find out about a decision on airport expansion until “at least October”, transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin warned today.

The news comes as Heathrow head John Holland-Kaye remarked that airport expansion “must be a key building block in the government’s Brexit plan”.

“It will allow British exporters to trade with all the growing markets of the world, strengthening Britain’s position as one of the great trading nations,” he said.

“And at a time of uncertainty, a £16bn privately funded infrastructure investment will create jobs and growth across the UK.”

Commenting on the further delay to a decision on airport expansion, Adam Marshall, BCC acting director general, said:

“The government is missing a golden opportunity to stimulate business confidence by once again delaying its decision on airport expansion.

“After the referendum vote, businesses have asked for stability, clarity and action. While the first two are tough to deliver, with markets and politics in flux, this decision and many others are entirely within the existing government’s gift.

“Businesses will see the latest delay to the runway decision as a cop out. It means a longer wait for connectivity to global markets for our exporters, and less work for suppliers who are keen for business. The government should reconsider swiftly, make a tough decision on a new runway, and look to support our aviation sector as a whole.”

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