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AI versus writers: Who will win the battle in the near future

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16th Nov 22 2:11 pm

In today’s post, we’re going to answer the question that might be bugging each and every person who’s earning their living creating content – ‘Will AI ever replace copywriting?’ It is a good question, especially now that more and more content creators and marketers are harnessing the potential of ML and AI to craft effective texts. Nevertheless, experienced content creators and academic writers whom you can pay for a research paper of high quality are convinced that automated writing will never replace real writing skills by a real human. And there are five reasons to back this conviction up based on research results and rich experience RapidEssay website has in this field. So, let’s take a look at these reasons.

1. Emotions

One of the secrets behind the creation of thumb-stopping content is people’s ability to emotionally relate and resonate with their readers and customers. They are emotions and empathy that govern a good deal of people’s intelligence. It’s a scientifically proven fact that emotional intelligence, just like its cognitive counterpart, employs the same neural mechanisms that influence the decision-making process. This means that the chances are slim that your audience will want to read your posts or articles if you don’t put enough emotions in them. And while it’s possible to emulate empathy with AI, there’s a low possibility that robots will be able to completely replace human writing in the foreseeable future.

2. Brand building

The importance of a strong and recognizable brand is hard to overstate. If you’re determined to build a successful business, it’s your primary responsibility to create a powerful brand to define your personality and mission. And if your brand fails to incorporate all these components century, you may consider your business doomed to failure. To achieve your business purposes faster, you want to ensure that you don’t skip the marketing stage, where you need to create quality content promoting your products or services. If you just put a price tag on your goods and package them, chances are you will end up wondering why you fail to get the desired amount of attention from their intended audience. To communicate a strong message to your potential customers, you need to explain what is unique about your company, what pain points your product can address, etc. No AI-powered app is now capable of pinpointing the peculiarities of your business and putting innovation in your business message. So, this clearly illustrates why AI still cannot be a full-fledged substitution for human writing.

3. Creativity

The reason why serious businesses hire professional copywriters when they need a press release, effective promo post, or just more content for their website. Needless to say, no robot can compete with human writers in creativity and ability to hook readers’ attention so far. Though AI can craft effective texts whose precision, logic, and cohesion might not be inferior to that of human writers, it definitely won’t be able to communicate important messages using the right language. It will be long until AI learns to use the proper vocabulary and pick necessary words to pass on good vibes to readers and make them want to relate to what they are reading.

4. SEO

It’s a rare business owner who doesn’t know how important it is to optimize their content. SEO is critical for your business success, since it helps convert leads, attract prospective customers, and ultimately boost your revenue. Can AI write SEO text? Yes, it definitely can. Can it create SEO content capable of keeping your audience engaged? Well, it’s still unlikely. As we’ve already noted, AI is still unable to spark necessary emotions in readers and are not good at writing effective emotionally colored text. It’s only a professional copywriter that can create quality posts, guides, and articles that will be well-liked by both Google and your customers. Only a professional human writer can convince your audience to engage with your brand and eventually buy from you. So, if you don’t want to create SEO-friendly content just for the sake of SEO-friendly content, don’t rely on AI heavily.

5. Increased sales

How likely is it that your AI content creation tool can generate a truly compelling landing page? While AI can cope with creating a template landing page, it still lacks the potential necessary for making any strategic revisions of your current content and increasing conversions. Only professional content writers can help you ensure that the content presented on your landing page and other website pages are up to the par and conducive to increase your sales.

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