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A guide to check before applying for your first credit card

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15th Feb 21 9:09 am

Are you looking forward to knowing things about getting a credit card for the first time? If so, then read out this article as we have mentioned some expert tips that can help you with your search in this regard.

The opportunity has come for you to get your credit card. Congrats! Credit cards offer a completely different world of conceivable outcomes. It’s exciting, yet the apparently unlimited alternatives and heaps of fine print may leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Here are five stages specialists prescribe to help you stress less and get on target to turn into a capable first-time credit cardholder.

1. What is a credit card?

Credit cards are basically instant small loans that you can use to pay for stuff. Credit cards can help you assemble records and pile up rewards like money back rewards, carrier miles, or focuses.

Yet, despite a Mastercard’s advantages, it’s significant for first-time credit cardholders to understand that a Credit card isn’t a wellspring of free cash. You should repay each buy. Furthermore, in case that you don’t take care of your balance every month, the excess debt typically begins to gather interest—which can rapidly go out of control if you will not give it a serious thought.

2. Search to find the best first time credit card for you 

Choosing the correct credit card for a beginner may appear to be a challenging task, given the wide scope of available card options, each with its own highlights and particulars. Eventually, the “best” credit card decision will depend upon your financial situation and necessities, so it’s essential to take a proper look at a card’s rates, charges, and advantages to ensure that card lines up with your ways of managing money.

In simple words, that extravagant travel card with airport lounge access—and a $400 annual fee—probably won’t be the best credit card for somebody essentially hoping to set up the credit history as a consumer and acquire a few prizes.

As indicated by specialists, there are two highlights first-time credit cardholders should look for:

  • No annual fee. This implies you don’t need to address a yearly cost to hold your credit card.
  • Low APR. The lower the APR, the less premium you’ll gather on each statement and in case  you don’t pay your balance in full.

3. Learn the important features of your credit card member agreement 

All Credit Cards will have a cardmember agreement that provides you detailed terms and conditions. These agreements typically list your card’s APR, annual fee, some other related charges, rewards, and bonuses, limitations, and more.

There are various other things to take in. Here are a couple of terms that each first-time credit cardholder ought to know:

  • Credit limit: The highest amount of credit you can use on your credit card.
  • Minimum payment: The lowest amount you should pay by the due date.
  • Late payment: The payment of bills after the due date. Late installments may bring about an interest fee.
  • Grace period: The time frame between the finish of a charging cycle and the date your installment is expected. You usually aren’t charged interest during the grace time frame, as long as you cover your statement balance, time, every month.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: A charge for purchasing foreign currency.
  • Loan: Using your credit card to get money, for example, through an ATM. All money withdrawn needs to be paid back, usually with extra charge, and accrued interest dependent on a different APR than the card’s APR for purchases.

4. Apply for your first credit card 

Various factors will impact how simple—or difficult—it very well might be for you to turn into a first-time credit cardholder. For example, federal law directs you to be 21 or give identification of independent income to get a credit card without a cosigner. Credit history likewise plays a part in what kind of credit card you can get. In any case, if you don’t have a credit history, don’t worry. There are a lot of credit cards guided towards individuals with no credit history as a consumer.

Another alternative is to turn into an authorized user on another person’s account. A parent or older sibling, for example, could add you to their account, and the card company would send you a credit card with your name on it. however, authorized users aren’t legally committed to pay the bill, so it might not affect assembling your own credit history. All things considered, it tends to be an extraordinary method to consider going all in and find out about responsible credit card use.

When you figure out the best first-time credit card for your requirements, you have the option to apply online. You may have to supply your driver’s license and social security number, telephone number, and other data relying upon the application.

5. Deal with your credit card like real money! 

For a first-time credit cardholder, it tends to be important to keep in mind that credit card brings serious responsibility and financial risk. With the rate that interest can gather, the debt can rapidly get out of hand. What’s more, late installments can wind up hurting your credit history as a consumer. Be that as it may, if you deal with your card like money and use it mindfully, you can develop rewards like American Express Value of Point and build up a decent credit history, which can prompt more prominent financial opportunities in the future.

Here are a few specialists’ tips for utilizing your credit card responsibly:

  • Try not to overspend
  • Pay on time and try to pay full
  • Check all the related fees
  • Keep a low credit usage rate (your balance as a level of your credit limit)
  • Keep your card protected and private

The takeaway 

Getting your first credit card may appear to be overwhelming, however, legal preparation and research can assist you with deciding the correct card for your financial needs, what to expect when you apply, and how to utilize your card properly. Liked this article? Click here for more Global Market News.

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