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A guide through the best vape juices in 2018

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5th Sep 18 10:42 am

In this article we are going to guide you through some of the best vape juices in 2018, showing you the differences between the brands and what advantage they have over the competition.

Due to the great technological advances of the e-cigarettes, the variety of vape juices has also risen over the years and each is different in terms of quality and safety usage.

Moreover, there are many types of juices with a different purpose. There are non-nicotine liquids for individuals looking to quit smoking. Some juices create large and thick clouds, while others just have an amazing flavour.

The variety of vaping styles is also great and there are different vaporisers according to the preferred style. So, we will try to cover everything essential to save you from the disappointment. The quality of the experience depends not only on the vaporiser but from the appropriate e-juice as well.

Om Vapors

When it comes to great money to quality ratio, we can’t look any further than Om Vapors. They are from the budget vape juice category, but this doesn’t mean that they offer poor quality.

On the contrary, Om vapors are known for their unique quality and affordable prices. Their taste is light and enjoyable, while the smoke is very thick.

The liquids are free of diketones like acetyl propionyl or diacetyl. On their website, the company has uploaded the lab tests from 3rd-party organisations as proof that their product is free of questionable Some flavours with intense taste can lead to a state where you can’t distinguish the taste of the different liquids. However, Om vapors have a light and pleasant taste that will reduce any risks greatly.

If you’re looking for a high-quality juice with a mild flavour with a budget-friendly price tag, then the Om Vapors juice is the one for you.

Naked 100

In a second position, we put something for those who prefer more intense experience. Naked 100 is one of the best tropical and sweet juice flavourings on the market.

We must warn those who don’t like sweetness and intense tastes. Those who use a single flavour of the Naked 100 series for a long period of time, will suffer from vapour’s tongue condition. This is a condition, from which the user tastes all flavours the same.

That’s why it is highly recommended to choose at least three different flavours and change them on a daily basis. This would prevent the vapour’s tongue and you’ll enjoy a magnificent tropical experience.

Similar to the product above, this one has also been tested by independent laboratories and it is certified that it does not contain diketones such as diacetyl or acetyl propionyl.

Vista Vapors

You have been a vivid smoker and you simply can’t find the right liquid that tastes similar to a true cigarette? Look no further than The Tobacco Barn series of Vista vapors. Currently, they are considered one of the most authentic tobacco flavoured e-juice.

The flavouring in this liquid was naturally extracted from tobacco leaves and implemented in the juice. This means that there are no artificial flavours.

However, the process of extracting tobacco is an expensive one and that’s why they are not cheap. It provides you with a natural experience, but it comes at a cost. Though, this shouldn’t be a problem for a true smoker as he can enjoy the taste of a real tobacco that has never been under chemical processing.

Once again, you receive the same guarantee from 3rd-party laboratories that the product does not contain any toxic compounds. If you are in for the traditional smoking experience, this one gets closest to it.


The vapour with most certifications for purity on the market is surely the VaporFi. According to the lab results, it is free of any toxic compounds and the ingredients included are from the highest quality

VaporFi is an officially approved manufacturer that provides liquids of unique quality for years. There are amongst the most expensive products on the market, but the value offered to the client can hardly be matched.

They provide users with a peace of mind due to the strict quality control. When it comes to flavours, they are leaders within the coffee-tasting juices. However, when it comes to fruity or tobacco flavourings, the other two brands above have a serious lead.

If you are looking for a safe and government approved e-juice with the required certifications, then the VaporFi juice is the one for you.

Mt Baker Vapor

We covered the best fruity, tobacco flavours, as well as the expensive amongst the competition. Now, it’s time to look for one of the cheapest vape juices on the market.

What makes them a preferred brand amongst others, apart from the price, these vapours offer flexibility in the composition of the juice when it comes to nicotine and PG/VG.

For each flavour, the company offers Safety Data Sheets, which can provide you with the necessary information on ingredients and about their safe use.

The best part is that they don’t cost as much as other premium juice while offering comparatively high quality.


With most vapour e-liquids it’s all about the personal preferences. It doesn’t matter what type you’re going to purchase, as long as it is from the best e-juice companies

Such companies are those who don’t have a history of lying what their liquids consist of. History knows certain companies, which lied that their juices do not contain diacetyl.

To be honest, small amounts of this ingredient won’t worsen your health significantly. However, can you trust a company which lies about the compounds it uses? That’s why make your own research before purchasing a liquid to ensure that you’ve got yourself a safe choice.

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