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A business owner’s guide to Italian dual citizenship

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21st Jul 22 12:29 pm

As globalization becomes a norm, business owners have more growth opportunities than ever. You can start a venture overseas with minimal hassles, provided you pick your destination wisely. Italy is one of the favorite markets for aspiring global entrepreneurs because of thriving demand and easy immigration. In fact, you may find yourself eligible for dual citizenship once you explore the idea. You can check your options with these experts on Italian Citizenship as they can assess your eligibility and suggest an ideal route accordingly. You can dig deep and launch your venture as a citizen instead of a temporary resident. Let us share a business owner’s guide to Italian dual citizenship.

Explore the possibilities

You will be surprised to know that you can explore diverse possibilities to land in Italy as a citizen. The country has three citizenship routes for aspiring immigrants, and your eligibility decides the ideal one for you. Here are the alternatives you can explore-

  • You can get in through the descent route if you have ancestral connections in the country. The process is perhaps the easiest though you may have a challenging time figuring out the exceptions and obtaining ancestral documents from Italy.
  • Marrying an Italian qualifies you for citizenship by marriage, but you will have to wait for two years if living in Italy (three years for couples outside). The applicant must also show a B1 level of proficiency in the Italian language.
  • The naturalization route applies to applicants who have lived in the country for a decade. It is the only option if you do not qualify for the other routes. You can get in with an investor visa and wait for ten years.

Start a new life

Launching a new business is also about family immigration because you expect to start afresh. Italian dual citizenship lets you bring your family along as citizens, and they also get the same rights. They can live and work in Italy and access the education and healthcare benefits that come with an Italian passport. You can buy a property and set a base for your family while running a business in the country. It is your chance to give your family an incredible lifestyle and pass on the legacy to the next generations.

Expand across the EU

Another fact business owners must know about Italian dual citizenship is that it serves as an opportunity to expand your business across the EU. Since you can travel visa-free to these countries, you can go global with your venture rather than selling only in the Italian markets. Moreover, the Italian passport sets you up for hassle-free travel as it is among the most powerful ones. You can travel overseas to prospect clients, attend meetings, and participate in trade shows to take your venture to the next level.

While Italian dual citizenship sounds like the best way to kick start a successful global business, the journey may sound daunting. You can seek expert assistance to choose the apt alternative and wrap up the process sooner than later.

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