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8 jobs you just don't see every day!

17th Nov 17 8:58 am

Watch out for these unique job roles

At Adzuna, we see every job you can imagine cross our virtual thresholds. With 2017 drawing to a close, we couldn’t resist highlighting a few of the more unique roles we’ve seen recently.

Some of these certainly whet our appetites and got us reaching for the application forms!

A role created especially for that moment at dinner parties where a new acquaintance casually asks what you do for a living, this good-enough-to-eat opportunity looks finger-lickin’ good to us. It’s not for everyone though, as the ideal candidate will need to boast strong knowledge of statistical theory and its application to sensory/consumer research. And iron-clad willpower (we imagine).

Salary: Negotiable

Wordpress Wizard
This magic role brings to mind the Hogwarts School Office, but is actually based in a plastic surgery consultancy and the successful applicant will need advanced skills in spellcasting, charms and other organisational abilities. Experience with social media, website management and, of course,, stellar Wordpress skills and great communication abilities should come as standard Muggles, we are told are more than welcome to apply and the interview may or may not include a Sorting Hat.

Salary: £500 p/m

Ice Assistant
Putting the sparkle back in winter sports for the local population, the post-holder will be tasked with helping ice skaters glide, slide and generally enjoy their time on the rink. Putting the customer at the heart of the role, a strong safety sense and some excellent skating moves could bag you this supercool seasonal job.

Salary: Negotiable

Helicopter Inspector
For high fliers with right experience and technical skills, the sky is quite literally the limit, with this inspiring role. Suitable qualifications, and a wealth of experience performing in-depth inspection, testing and maintenance are needed to be cleared for take off in this job.

Salary: £45,000 p/a

Cheese Specialist
Specially manufactured for those with a love of all thing cheesy, this deli is on the search for a Cheese Specialist to serve, advise and delight customers, all the while keeping health and safety and good business sense at the front of the queue. While it’s got to brie a dream opportunity for the right person, think Caerphilly before applying – we imagine things can get a bit emmental!

Salary: £15,000

Blood Labeller
This role isn’t one for the faint hearted. With a job only Dracula could envy, labellers are tasked with the handling and labelling of blood pots. Piece of cake? Well you’ll also have to be bloody careful as putting the wrong label on the wrong pot could have very negative outcomes – B Negative that is.

Salary: £21,400 p/a

Egg Collection Operative
Whether you’re team fried, scrambled or poached, we all have these guys to thank for collecting the item that makes breakfast time so eggsquisite. Since raging hens are a possible consideration, operatives have to be fully trained, and even get protective equipment!

Salary: Negotiable

Baby Room Leader
If the thought of being in a room full of babies sounds more delightful than distressing, this may be the job for you. Although leadership skills are a must have in order to manage other nursery staff, the required ‘nappy changing expertise’ is most definitely for the little bundles of joy.

Salary: £23,000 p/a

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