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5 serious and not-so-serious theories about the Thames Monster

by LLB Reporter
6th Apr 16 11:57 am

If it’s not a monster, what the hell is it?

Footage has emerged of a mysterious monster-like sighting in the Thames.

Shot from the Emirates Air Line cable car, the video seems to show a monster submerging itself in the murky water.


Thames Monster

YouTube user Penn Plate, who published the video, said: “This was on the cable car in Greenwich yesterday. something huge was moving under the water and then briefly surfaced. Are there whales in the Thames?? Or is it some weird submarine”

1. Dolphin/whale/shark/seal

Some think the creature could be a mammal. More than 2,500 dolphins, whales and seals have been spotted in the Thames at various times over the last decade. Meanwhile, sharks have on occasion been reported in British rivers and are regularly seen off the British coast.

Graham Mosdall on Facebook said: “Probably a basking shark or a whale of some kind took a wrong turn up the Thames, shaky camera footage pointing at the ground didn’t really show anything”.

Stephanie Anne Chamberlain on Facebook said: “Maybe a whale? not the first time a whale has got lost and found itself in the Thames [sic].”

Edward Gould on Facebook said: “There seals ive seen them around Canary Wharf years ago [sic]”.

2. Sinking boat

It seems odd that a boat would sink and it would not be reported to the RNLI but many boats do sink on the Thames every year. This is one of the theories going around the internet.

YouTube user Kevin O’Brien said: “maybe [sic] just catching the end of a boat sinking?”

3. Russian mini-sub


4. Distraction

5. Fake/photoshop

Some people have pointed to the closeness of the video’s publication to April Fool’s day, with the footage appearing just four days before.

YouTube user Citizen Wolf said: “Fake. If real, there would have been much more water displacement for such a large object submerging that quickly.”

Molly Player on Facebook said: “It’s clearly fake. If you saw something like that would you be panning around and then switch off the camera after a few seconds? No you would be filming that sh*t like it was life or death.”

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