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4 killer reasons why businesses voted Remain

24th Jun 16 5:25 am


Rich Pleeth, founder – Sup:

“I’m a small business owner and having a strong economy to ensure that we can continue is thrive is vital. With the uncertainty of the last few months we have seen the pound drop and many international large businesses consider their future in the UK. We should be proud to be British but also proud to be European, proud to have access to the largest trading block in the world. If you vote leave you are voting to role the dice, we don’t know what will happen. We are the fifth largest economy in the world currently as part of the European Union and if you vote remain, we know our economy will grow further.”


Luke Scheybeler, Co-founder – Rapha, Tracksmith

“My head says we should stay in for economic reasons. We’re definitely stronger working with our partners in Europe. We have to be able to compete and negotiate and hold our own alongside the US, China, Russia and the other emerging economies over the next decades. As an entrepreneur I believe that that competition is essential – and staying in the EU is essential for this country to remain attractive for investors – but I also think that larger businesses shouldn’t be able to avoid tax, treat their employees badly or become monopolies.

“However, my heart says we should stay in because of culture. The design work I did at Rapha was hugely inspired by European culture, the history of cycling, the beauty of the Alps, Italian style, brutal Belgian cobbled roads and European design, typography and fashion. Rapha is a quintessentially European brand. It literally could not be from anywhere else. I love the diversity and complexity of the cultures in Europe, I find them amazing, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately inspirational inspiring. I will be heartbroken if we leave.”


Tom Adeyoola, CEO – Metail

I vote Remain. A vote to leave would have a material negative impact on my scale-up technology business, Metail.  We are attempting to build a global business, hiring the best talent, moving at pace to succeed.  In our team of 60 we have employees from 14 different countries and operate in 8, with more to come.  The vote tomorrow will impact our diverse open culture, our ability to acquire the best talent, the speed with which we can expand internationally, how we trade and where we locate the business as we aim to become a global champion. We are stronger in; we are stronger together.

Tom Mercer, MD – Moma Foods:

“Our economy and trade will suffer if we leave, it will also suffer if we reduce immigration significantly- which is of net economic benefit. If the UK leaves we could end up with a politically and economically unstable continent on our doorstep, Scotland voting to leave the UK, the rise of right-wing governments in Europe, and Russia aggressively trying to assert influence. It’s a case of priorities: if you want prosperity, opportunity, an economy that can afford better education, healthcare and housing, and you want to influence the direction of the EU – then vote to remain”

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