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2.6 million voters have switched from leave to remain in Brexit hammer blow

by LLB Reporter
4th Sep 18 7:51 am

Exclusive new research released today by anti-Brexit group Best for Britain shows that there are 2.6 million more people that would vote to stay in since the 2016 referendum. When offset by those that have switched from remain to leave this gives 1.6m more voters have switched to back staying in the EU than in the opposite direction.

The data is being released as part of a campaign arguing that a ‘stop button’ should be made by giving people a final say on the Brexit deal. Over 1.4m of the 2.6m switchers voted Labour in 2017.

The largest single group of voters that have switched to back staying in the EU are young women that voted Conservative in 2015 and Labour in 2017.

New voters also play a key part, with 63% of them saying they would vote Remain in another referendum. The top 3 concerns for these new voters match the UK average (Health, Brexit and the Economy), but priorities beyond the top three match the Labour priorities of Housing, Education and the Environment.

There has been a significant shift in public opinion on Brexit, with 112 constituencies switching from majority Leave-supporting to being in favour of staying in. There has been a pro-Remain shift in 93% of the 632 constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales. Best for Britain’s analysis shows that, of these 632 seats, there are now 341 seats with a majority to stay within the EU, and 291 wanting to Leave.

Commenting, Best for Britain champion David Lammy MP said:

“After two years of stalling negotiations, job losses and skills shortages in the NHS, millions more voters have seen through the lies of Brexit.

“With the Tory government in the pocket of its hard right fringes, it’s up to Labour to give these voters a voice.

Labour members, Labour voters and many Labour MPs remain strongly pro-European. Our leadership needs to wake up and smell the coffee, by supporting a people’s vote on the final deal.”

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