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10 savvy ways to earn a few extra bucks

8th May 18 11:48 am

10 quirky and unusual ways in which you can earn money

A few extra bucks are always appreciated and welcomed by all. When we are in college living off our own income we tend to grab every opportunity that might lead us to earning a few extra income. We all have worked for the local grocery store or the Starbucks to make our way through the world. But these part time jobs do not pay enough. In a major city you need a good amount of money to sustain a decent living and often these part time jobs don’t provide us with enough. Where asking for money is not an option people tend to find other ways to earn a few extra bucks. The world is filled with quirky people who will pay you to do stuff that are not that mainstream. It would be so much cooler to have a quirky job, a job that simulates all the parts of your brain. You would be way better at a job you actually care about. So here are 10 quirky and unusual ways in which you can earn money doing something you love.

There are professionals who are highly paid to answer questions. Some sites recruit people who can answer the questions and queries of their customers. You need to have good Google skills in order to be good at this job. You can choose a specific subject of your preference but that is not always the case.

If you are an English speaker you might be good at this job, all you have to do is chat with people online. These people are just starting to learn English and they are not very good at that. With you, the learners can practise their English, this is also a very interesting job as you get to talk about anything you want. You can talk about their culture traditions; of course you need to be a pro at English before you start with this job.

If you have good people skills and love communicating with people this is probably your thing. There are websites people go to find a friend they can talk to, it does not have to be just talking you can show them around town, go to interesting places or you can also attend some functions with them. If you love meeting new people you will love this job and the best part about this job is that you can set your own prices and rates. You can go as high as 500$ an hour.

If you are a video game lover you will be perfect at this. You can create different accounts in different game servers and play those games. If you have animpressive score you can sell that particular server account to anyone who is interested to buy a pre-set up account that has an impressive score. Who knew that playing online video games will earn you money? You can actually get paid for sitting around at home and do nothing but play video games.

If you are good at answering, you can take surveys in exchange for money. There are sites that will pay you to answer survey questions of a certain product or service that you have experienced. All you need to do is fill out some of the answers that they are asking properly in the form, fill it out and get paid by the website. But of course your survey needs to be accepted by them first.

Garage sales are very common in most part of the world, sometimes you can find gems in the garage sales you are attending. Garage sale products are known to be very cheap in price and if you can fish out a rare item, you can sell it for a better price to someone who is willing to buy. Auctions are a better way to earn some money, if you have something that people will like and you are not using it then why not put it in an auction? As opposed to garage sales you will earn a whole lot more.

Hospitals and nursing homes very often conduct some medical tests on some people. You can put your name down and be a volunteer. In other words you will be a medical guineapig. Of course you need to meet certain health criteria to participate but if you get chosen you will receive a handsome amount.

If you don’t have a problem giving away your blood in exchange of money because you feel like you have lot of it, you can be a plasma donator. There are people who will pay handsome sums in order to get your particular type of blood. Moreover if you are someone who has a rare blood group the chances of you getting well paid will surely increase.

If you love shopping and don’t mind doing it for someone else this is your job. People will hire you to shop for them. They can be senior citizen, working professionals etc who have way less time or are unable to perform such activities. You can go grocery shopping for them; pick out gifts for them etc. In the fashion industry there is actually a position called buyer where people with great taste in trendy clothing are hired and customers take these people out for shopping and take their opinions into account while buying something.

Major retailer or restaurants are visited often by anonymous mystery shoppers in order to gain knowledge about their customer service or some other factors. You can be paid to be one of those mystery shoppers. All you have to do is go into their stores and either buy something or avail their services. If it’s a restaurant you have to judge both their food and how competent they are in terms of service. The restaurant or the store people will not know your true identity and you can judge their services accordingly. 

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