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1 in 3 Londoners feel least motivated around Christmas

18th Oct 16 11:31 am

Festive season brings little cheer to Londoners

New research fromSodexo Benefits and Rewards Services reveals that 31 per cent of Londoners feel least motivated at Christmas, over any other time of year.

When asked which time of year employees feel least motivated, Londoners highlighted the festive season as the time when engagement, interest and enthusiasm plummets, more so than during any other seasonal and calendar events, including summer, New Year and large sporting events.

The research, conducted by OnePoll, also reveals this seasonal effect is consistent across both full and part time employees.

With motivation amongst the Capital’s employees at its lowest over the Christmas period, employers need to ensure they are taking preventative measures in order to maintain performance levels during this time of distraction.

Introducing a short-term reward scheme is an effective way of maintaining staff engagement in the office, whilst also helping to make them feel appreciated for their hard work during the year.

When it comes to rewarding, non-financial rewards are an effective way of boosting motivation amongst staff. Sodexo’s research also revealed that almost half of employees (43 per cent) would most like multi-choice gift cards to be included in their rewards package – an affordable gift for businesses of any size and easy for businesses to implement across a diverse workforce.

Iain Thomson, director of incentive and recognition at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, said: “This research has revealed the extent to which workers in the Capital are affected by the festive season and the challenges that managers across all business types are facing. Businesses can sometimes shy away from group rewarding, nervous that they will offend or exclude particular demographics or individuals. Particularly in London, there is a huge variety of different nationalities, cultures and religions that must be considered when looking to combat these challenges. By implementing effective and personalised short-term rewards, it becomes easier to navigate the personal needs and wants of every member of staff.”

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