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Your guide to basic car care

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28th Oct 20 2:23 pm

Taking care of your things regularly not just makes them spark but it also helps improve their performance, just like your motor vehicle. This will not only help you improve your car’s performance but will also help make it fuel efficient and will increase its resale value in the long run. You do not need to be mechanically professional when it comes to monitoring your car. These are basic checks that you should be aware of.

Check the battery

The battery is one of the vital parts of the motor vehicle as it is the source of providing power to the whole engine, it needs to be checked regularly. You need to turn on your headlights for around 2 minutes to make sure there is a surface charge. Then you need to plug in the voltage charge in it and see if the meter shows an appropriate level of charging that can be around 12 volt or above, if yes then your battery is good to go. Further if you see any corrosion on your battery that means it is getting older and you might need to change soon as corrosion can cause battery health to suffer in the long run.

Check the tyres

Next thing you need to see is whether your tyres are fit to be driven on longer journeys or not. To check tyres there are few basic measures you can take. First of all you can check whether your tyres have well balanced air pressure. This means your tyres are neither over-inflated nor under-inflated making them fit to be driven. At times under-inflated tyres can cause damage to the tyre quality and you could suffer from an unexpected tyre puncture during your journey. Whereas over-inflated tyres are likely to burst if you are driving at high speed and come in contact with a pot hole or road bump.

Next thing you need to monitor is the tyre tread depth. This is very important as it helps protect the outer layer of your tyres from external road hurdles like stones or debris on the road. Your tread depth should be around 1.6mm minimum to make your tread worthy. A good way to save yourself from any trouble and hassle to have a reliable garage check and replace them if necessary.

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Check your vehicle lights

Once a month you also need to check all your lights are working properly. This includes the car’s headlight, indicators and parking lights. You like many people only go out to do your chores during the day so you may not notice if one of your lights is not working properly. Checking your lights is very important as driving without lights at night time can be very dangerous.

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