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Working from home during the coronavirus outbreak – could it help you save money?

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21st Apr 20 4:24 pm

Since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, working from home is a necessity. It’s no longer a privilege. COVID-19 spreads between people who are in close contact, which is why reducing physical interaction is critical. Despite some inconveniences, working remotely is beneficial because it can help save the lives of those vulnerable. And it makes a lot of sense from a financial standpoint. Talented employees working remotely will soon become the norm, so people should better accept the new reality.

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How much money can be saved working from home?

To work from home productively, it’s necessary to have good Internet access. Not any broadband connection can be used to work from home. The download speed with videoconferencing matters, but so does the upload rate. If you need more than a basic speed connection, it makes sense to switch broadband packages. An Internet connection that is too slow will make teleworking seem like a nightmare. Don’t pay for bandwidth that you don’t need.

The Money Pig, financial experts who share the best money saving advice, claim that it’s necessary to compare deals before signing up for a new package. Employers can reimburse employees for the extra costs, yet the general recommendation is to go with the best deal available according to the speeds you need.

Working from home provides flexible working hours to employees, not to mention autonomy. However, the advantages can also be monetary. Many costs can be defrayed by the savings that teleworking brings. Most people hold jobs that can be easily done from home. Sure, not every type of business can let their employees work remotely. Starbucks or McDonald’s are just some examples. They’re the exceptions to the rule. let’s look at the various ways teleworkers can save money:

Eliminating commuting expenses

Commuting takes up a lot of time and money. The costs vary from country to country depending on the price of gasoline and what adults spend on transportation services. We can be sure of one thing: transportation costs a lot, no matter if you’re traveling by car or using public transit by taking the bus or subway. By working remotely, you get a nice cash infusion. It also means more free time.

Cutting costs on clothing and accessories

You can’t show up at the office dressed in yoga pants and a T-shirt. It’s important to dress to match the workplace setting. Teleworking offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to outfits. You can work in your pajamas if that’s what you want. There’s no reason to spend money on clothes and accessories because your co-workers won’t have the chance to check out your outfit. It’s just you and the computer. Of course, you can make an effort for conference calls.

Keeping child care costs down

Parents work around the clock, so they hire someone to help them out. Younger children have a problem understanding boundaries and child care needs to be considered. Parents who telecommute can watch over the kids every now and then. However, working from home doesn’t completely eliminate the need for a child care provider.

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