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Working as a solicitor can be more flexible and exciting again

by John Saunders
7th Mar 19 10:22 pm

You may be a solicitor who is wondering what happened to that dream job that you trained long and hard for and which you won after much competition? Many people know that the legal industry is massively competitive and that there are often more graduates than jobs so you should feel lucky right? However, the stark reality of a solicitor’s role can entail an ever-increasing workload, long hours and high stress levels and the constant exhaustion can take it’s toll.

A chance to do things differently

There is an answer to this dilemma you will be relieved to hear, and many of those who trained in the legal profession still love their work but resent the conditions they are forced to work under. A number of law firms have set up a new model at this pivotal point in the profession and are looking for highly skilled professionals.

One such company who have set up an innovative new business model is passionforlaw.com. This company and others like it operate a progressive method of working which means that legal professionals get to choose where and how they work and also have a support infrastructure at their disposal.

Agile working

As pioneers of this new way of operating, Passion for Law and other similar companies understand that undertaking careers in law don’t have to include the demands of commuting, office politics, untenable workloads and no free time.

The new model entails working almost as a consultant or freelancer but with the security of a reputable company, and the benefits offered by their infrastructure are manifold and include administrative, IT, paralegal and other forms of support.

Controlled workload

Solicitors can control their own workload and decide how much work they want to take on, how and where they work and can concentrate on client needs and customer satisfaction without the stifling demands of a large, corporate organisation.

With this kind of flexibility, you can design your own fee structure and recruit clients and do as much as you wish to fit around commitments such as family, leisure and other pursuits. The liberating element of this is that you will be driven by your own motivation and skills and will not be at the liberty of a harsh work environment that puts increasing demands on your lifestyle.

Choice is key

One of the main advantages of working in this way is the many choices you will have to mould your professional life completely the way you want it to be. Using the latest technology you can either work at home or remotely, or alternatively you can base yourself and your team at a central city office as part of a collaborative, supportive team. These environments also provide hot desks and meeting spaces and are close to all major transport links.

There are many other perks such as collaboration and information sharing, details on conferences, networking and social events and links to international partnerships, and you can opt in for as much or as little of this as you choose.

Make the change today

Therefore, if you have been despairing of how to carry on in a career that you still love but have lost the passion for, this can be a chance to re-energise and re-construct your working life. If this is something you hadn’t realised was possible, you will now join the many legal professionals who have taken back control of their careers and have shaped them to fit their life and not the other way round!

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