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Winning and losing – Psychological point of view

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13th May 19 3:23 pm

Have you ever been thinking of how people become real winners and champions? How can a loser become a winner? And what does a winner actually mean? Have you ever notice a person that has something you don’t really need? While this person thinks he/she is a winner because she has managed to get this thing, one may think he/she is loserish. So, how can we distinguish real winners from losers? What should you do to become a true winner? Are all people born winners? That’s what you are going to find out in this article.

What is “Winning” and “Happiness”?

There is no single concept or definition of “winning”. Many scientists have different positions on what it means. According to Dennis Waitley, a well-known American writer, claims that “winning” is developing the inborn talents and potential and using them to reach the goal that can make you happy.

Each person decides what happiness is. For some people, happiness is living in a quiet town and planting trees in a garden, while for the others, happiness is being in the limelight and living in an expensive penthouse. If you’ve done everything possible toward reaching what you call happiness, then you are a winner. No matter what other people think about you and what you have. Remember, if you are happy – you are a winner! However, let’s talk about business, gambling, and different competitions, where only a few people become winners.

Understanding the psychology of champions

Do Olympic athletes work hard in order to become champions? For sure! However, why only a small part of them become real champions? This is all about the psychology of champions. It’s people who are setting a line between “winners” and “losers”. Medals, cups, and other rewards indicate who winners are. Anyway, all people, who are considered to be champions, have several important winner qualities. Let’s have a look at them:

Defining goals

This is what we were talking about. The first thing you should do is to understand what makes you happy and what you should do in order to achieve happiness. You should define concrete goals and the tasks that should be done in order to reach those goals.

True winners never step away from the goals they set. They do everything possible to reach their goals. When it happens, they don’t stop. They keep setting new goals because this is what makes us human beings. We should always have something to live for.


Self-discipline is probably the most important quality of each champion. Almost everything we do during a day is habitual. We may not notice how one habit is replaced by another, as it happens silently. Habits are what determines what kind of person you are. That’s why it’s extremely important to build and develop only good habits.

Instead of sitting and watching movies about superheroes, go to a gym and become a real hero. Instead of buying and eating some junk food, take time to prepare a useful and tasty salad. Instead of partying in a club, have a good long sleep. According to Maxwell Maltz, it takes a person around 21 days to form a new habit. So, it’s not that difficult to form a useful habit, all you need is a will. As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Not sticking to the previous results

Never stop on the achieved and never let the failures depress you. If you have just won a poker tournament, then focus on proving you are worth your champion title. If you have lost some big sum, don’t get disappointed and give it one more try.

As a rule, success comes after failure. You will hardly find a businessman who has launched a successful brand on the first try. Most successful people had to go through many rejections and failures before they had reached their goals. For example, we wouldn’t know who Harry Potter is if J. K. Rowling gave up after the 12th rejection.

Planning for success, preparing for failure

This one is closely connected to the previous. Failures are a part of our life, and we all should be ready to lose, get up, lose again, get up again, lose, and so on until we succeed. Even if you choose the best payout online casino, nobody guarantees that you will hit a life-changing jackpot without losing. There are two ways we can choose after each failure – either to stick with it and think that it’s the end of the world or learn from the mistakes made and double up the efforts to reach the success.

Constant development

Nobody is perfect, and there is always room for development. Even if you have won a tournament or launched a successful business, it’s not a reason to think you are the best. Prove that you can be even better.

These are the key qualities of a true winner. However, what’s even more important, have fun in what you do. If your job, or your hobby, or the upcoming competition bring you pleasure, then you are on the right track.

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