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Why investors should be excited about FinTech

5th Mar 18 12:13 pm

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With the constant advancement in technology, businesses have a better platform to advance their operations as well. Investors in the financial sector are already enjoying the benefits of FinTech, and they should be even more excited about the steady development. FinTech is playing a significant role in enhancing the user experience, improving financial products and creating a level playground between the resourceful institutions and retail investors. 

Data Monetisation
FinTech is not only focused on digitising currency, but it’s more of monetising data. Initially, the amount of user data that could be collected was limited to the available technology. At the moment, however, financial institutions have a more accessible, yet efficient mode of capturing and creating value-add from data. Investors in the economic sectors can now talk about insights into consumers and attributes, in hundreds of thousands or millions and not just in tens of thousands. 

Access to Unlimited Data
Financial sectors, through FinTech, are now able to access an unlimited amount of data that can be used in decision making. The integration of social media has made it even easier to efficiently interrogate and transform data through sophisticated algorithms into new and better products and services. This technology is not old-style data mining, but a technique that allows more in-depth and unrealised information and insights that permits more individualised services and products, and more efficient systems and markets. 

Easier Access to Finances
FinTech solutions have brought about many benefits to business, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The new and small companies have difficulties in operating past first years. Such companies need a boost from the lending institutions to keep them in operations by the provision of more comfortable and friendly access to different funding options. Innovative FinTech products are customised based on the business, rather than having general lending criteria for all business sizes. These products include merchant and e-commerce finance, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, online trade finance, online supply chain finance and invoice finance.

Innovative finance solutions can play a significant role in assisting new and small business by the provision of an effective flow of funds, stable and secure funding, and improved management of their working capital. Wealth management services like Moneyfarm monitors customers investment and provide recommendation through a team of qualified personnel. Clients can, therefore, stay on course and avoid overspending or mismanagement of their investments to ensure that they remain in the market for the longest time possible. The company can see the need to re-balance portfolios based on the market trends and advice the investors accordingly. 

Improved Efficiency and Customer Experience
Conducting transactions via handheld devices, like smartphones and tablets, has become possible through FinTech. More users are now opting to do their operations via these platforms, as opposed to visiting physical business premises. With customers’ data integration from different financial institutions, FinTech has made it easier to match investors, borrowers and lenders, and to reduce business compliance costs. These features will help in bringing additional market liquidity through FinTech intermediaries. Investors will also have broad access to information such as ill-informed decisions and missed opportunities in making their businesses better for consumer satisfaction.

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