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Whisky 1901 launches bottling service for cask investors looking to exit the market profitably

by LLB Finance Reporter
6th Dec 23 12:51 pm

When it comes to whisky cask investment, there are several recognised ways for investors to exit the market when the timing is right, including selling the cask to another investor, on the open market or at auction, or, alternatively, bottling the whisky for sale on the retail market or for personal collection or consumption.

To address the growing global demand for limited bottlings or rarer single cask expressions amongst Scotch enthusiasts, leading whisky cask investment company Whisky 1901 has introduced a service for its 250 plus cask investors looking to sell their matured barrelled Scotch to realise a profit.

Excluding alcohol duty and VAT, which is applicable when whisky leaves a bonded facility, Whisky 1901 will cover all the costs associated with bottling, including transporting the cask from the company’s Glenrothes warehouses to the bottling hall, weighing, disgorging – this is where the cask is emptied in preparation for bottling – and regauging to confirm litres of whisky and alcohol by volume (ABV).

Carrying the Whisky 1901 branding, the bottled whisky will then be sold as part of the company’s ‘Collection’ via its website with the profits, excluding a 10% commission, going to the investor.

Tax deductions: Keep more of your money

Bottling is usually recommended for older casks. Where the cask is more than 21 years old, the matured whisky is likely to have improved in flavour, and increased in value and desirability, enabling investors to benefit from a favourable price on the retail market. Bottling is subject to Whisky 1901’s Master Taster confirming that it is the right time to bottle the product.

For those investors looking to create their own brand or version of the spirit, from personal investors looking to mark a milestone or celebrate a special occasion to independent bottling companies tapping into the retail market, Whisky 1901’s clients have access to a unique opportunity to create, sell and/or consume their own Scotch.

Whisky 1901 offers practical support, from customisation of the spirit, the design process – including branding, labelling and bottle selection, transportation and logistics to calculating duty and taxes, securing compliance from the Scotch Whisky Association and export if required.

Founder of Whisky 1901, Aaron Damiano Sparkes, said: “Whisky is a great investment, whether bottled or barrelled. In the UK we are currently witnessing ‘premiumisation’ in Scotch, where consumers are drinking less but spending more for better quality. As such, there is a growing interest in limited bottlings or rarer single cask expressions.

Our bottling service is not only a great exit strategy for investors looking to profit from bottling their 21-year-old plus whisky cask for sale on the retail market, but it’s also an attractive option for those who are drawn to the appeal of sharing their passion with others via their own whisky bottled and branded.”

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