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What’s next for London apartment design? Looking ahead to 2020

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9th Oct 19 10:51 am

London, like the rest of the UK, is going through a period of transformation right now. In the face of Brexit, home prices are declining but rents are steadily on the rise. This means that investors need to think carefully about how they style properties to attract tenants in a competitive marketplace. These styling tactics are what’s next for London apartment design, and represent ideal ways for property owners to increase profit margins at the same time.

Create a feature wall

A lot of property owners under-design their spaces, especially bathrooms, because they’re going for a clean, modern approach. Simple design can risk looking cheap, though, even when the space includes quality materials. By adding a feature wall using metro tiles or introducing texture to the space using stone or concrete, you create visual interest and make the space feel more luxurious and intentionally designed.

Enhance the mantel

Fireplaces have always been a mark of luxury, but it’s how the mantel is styled that really sets the tone of the space. Choosing a new fireplace mantel is an ideal way to increase the visual appeal of the space, update the overall design of the room from more traditional to more modern, and the mantel also plays a functional role. Mantels offer an ideal place for displaying art or photos, allowing residents to add additional character to the room.

Think outside the box

As spaces make a move toward more modern design, property owners need to be careful to style spaces in ways that are interesting but not overly eccentric; the goal is to find a middle ground that tenants can make their own. That’s what makes abstract design an ideal modern aesthetic. Embrace bold lines and colors inspired by expressionist art. It’s also easy to add abstract elements in a piecemeal fashion using color blocking and carefully chosen art to brighten up the room.

Try new textures

Texture became a big deal in interior design during the hygge trend because so much else about that aesthetic was muted; by adding different textures, it’s possible to make the space feel more welcoming and homier. Some popular texture options include boucle and stitched detailing on cushions. Piling up large blankets, hanging quilts, and adding different carpet styles can also add depth and comfort to the space.

Homes of the future

While various modern and minimalist styles remain popular across London apartments, it should be no surprise that a larger number of properties are moving towards a high-tech look. These spaces are not just minimalist in design, but tend to emphasize natural materials, as well a cool, monochromatic color scheme. With smart home technology increasingly becoming a standard part of home life, this type of open, futuristic décor is a sensible choice for property owners.

London’s real estate market may face challenges in the course of Brexit but with savvy design on their side, property owners can make any space welcoming and appealing. It’s all about adding points of interest, whether they’re textural or technological, and making tenants feel at home. If rents are going to keep rising, investors need to style the properties to offer value to match.

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