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What to expect when learning digital marketing from a Google partner

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16th Jan 19 10:54 am

Digital marketing is an ever-growing industry and one that requires constant monitoring and upskilling. Search landscapes can change by the day, meaning new strategies are required to get the most out of websites and their performance. So, how do you equip yourself for these changes? And, if you’re new to the sector, where do you start? The Squared Online qualification is an online course that covers digital marketing from the basics right up to management level challenges.

What is Squared Online?

Provided by online learning specialist AVADO, Squared Online has been developed with Google. This means the entire course has been approved by Google experts, ensuring that the content you’re learning is accurate and up to date.

The course covers five modules over five months. Each one focuses on a different aspect of digital marketing, from engaging with the right customers to interpreting and sourcing data. The modules are:

  • Embracing change
  • Customer-centricity
  • Digital channels and technologies
  • Data, analytics and insights
  • Creating change

The aim is that in less than half a year you can go from being a complete novice to a digital marketing leader. Using the knowledge you’ve learnt from the course, you can make positive changes to your site, improve your online performance and fully understand the developments.

How the course works

Just like in the ‘real world’, participants (known as Squares) learn in a practical way, drawing from genuine examples and working in groups. Collaboration is a big part of the course as each module has an online group project, helping to develop responsiveness, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Each week, Squares will participate in an interactive live class delivered by an expert speaker. These experts have decades of experience between them and have been leaders in industries such as hospitality, retail, food and beverages, media, finance and charity. With such an expansive range of knowledge, it’s likely they can answer almost any question. This comes in handy at the end of each live class during the Q&A session.

This course is completed alongside your current job role, meaning you can learn and apply as you go. Taking what you’ve learnt each week, you can implement the improvements straight away to start seeing real results.

Options are available for businesses or individuals. According to an AVADO survey, 84% of professionals said they’d feel more loyal to their company if they were offered regular training. Providing your staff with training and development options helps them to feel valued while bringing expertise and improved skills into your business.

Why should you do the course?

Squared Online has alumni of 8,500 students worldwide. 96% of graduates said they felt more confident discussing digital strategies and 90% said they had transformed the way they work since gaining their certificate.

On completing the course, you’ll gain a full IP and IAB-endorsed, CPD-accredited qualification. This is a fantastic addition to your CV as well as providing you with the skills and tools to progress in any digital marketing career path. Whether you choose to study digital marketing with Squared Online or any of the other course providers on the market, completing a course online is a flexible and adaptive way to learn. It allows you to boost your career prospects and learn new things all from the comfort of your home or office.

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