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What sets Germany’s economy apart?

by LLB Finance Reporter
26th Jan 23 10:32 am

Germany’s economy has rightfully owned its reputation as a stable, constant force. German products are known for their excellent quality and are sought after around the world.

Even in light of recent large-scale crises, Germany’s economy has not taken a hit. One reason for this resilience is the solid fundament, on which German businesses operate. Will this strategy be enough to fight off future disruptions?

The international media company TBD Media Group (TBD) is proud to answer this question extensively in their campaign “50 German Leaders”.

The campaign will feature German businesses that represent the values of quality and innovation. By documenting the visions and strategies of these companies, one can get a deeper understanding of their resilience and can adapt their strategies.

The business leaders and hidden champions that participate in the “50 German Leaders” campaign have successfully fought off the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

They have found ways to progress, especially in situations of crisis and turmoil. This ability to react spontaneously to a changing environment seems to be one of the core reasons that makes sure companies are successful in the long term.

Another important aspect is innovation. Innovation is not only about having a great idea but also about implementing it. This process requires cooperation, especially in our current globalised world. Cooperation is a significant topic for the participants of the campaign as much as it is for national entities.

By looking at the business practices of the “50 German Leaders” one can see, first hand, how to create more resilient businesses for the future.

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