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What is the reason for the boom in binary options?

by Sarah Dunsby
26th Jan 19 4:40 pm

Over the past few years, online brokers have experienced a large increase in customer numbers. More and more people not only try, but create successful trades after a short time. Although online trading is a hobby for many, the possibility of earning a little on the side is of course not a disadvantage. The binary options are in the focus of the traders, no matter if experienced or new participants on the market. Why this type of trading is so popular is explained in the following article. Click here for more information.

Online trading on the financial market

For many, the financial market is an inscrutable construct with buyers and sellers from all over the world who trade all kinds of things every second. But the market is not as complicated and confusing as it may seem at first glance. If you take a closer look at the financial market, its products and trading opportunities, you will quickly get a clearer picture. The best known picture of financial products is the chart. The chart is a diagram with two bars, one in the horizontal and one in the vertical. It shows the price, which represents the development of the price. This can be the price of a stock, a fund or currencies.

An eternal up and down

If you switch on the news in the first program during the week, you will get an overview of the stock market at the end. The current prices of the most important currencies – euro, American dollar, Japanese yen and so on – as well as the DAX are displayed in charts. You can see that the price in the chart is constantly rising and falling. This up and down of the price is the basis for binary options. Because it is based on the development of the price. Other financial products, such as shares, are different. A stock is a share in a project, a company or a product that you can buy. The buyer, also known as a shareholder, then assumes an increase in value. However, if the value of the share falls, the buyer makes a loss with his investment.

Whether the price rises or falls, you can trade anything with binary options.

The difference to a stock, a fund or any other investment is that you do not make a real purchase. The trader bets that the price will rise or fall. One of them will also make the price. Hence the name of the trading opportunity. Binary means dual or two, so there are two ways to trade with it, either the price rises or falls – two options. In this sense, another advantage and reason for the great popularity comes to light. With binary options you can trade anything. You can trade on the prices of currencies, stocks, commodities, currencies and more. All possible products are available for trading, the only thing needed is a price. Meanwhile it is also possible to trade the price development of cryptocurrencies.

The simple explanation of binary options

Another reason for the great popularity of binary options is the really very simple and easy to understand explanation. In principle, it is already clear from this part of the article what can be traded with binary options and how this trade works. In contrast, stocks, foreign exchange and other financial products are not witchcraft, but still deter many new traders. One example is government bonds. In principle, these are risk-free financial products, which are in principle the shares of a country. But despite the low risk as well as the easy trading with them, traders do not take this into account for the time being, because the name alone carries an apparent complexity in itself. Binary options, on the other hand, not only sound simple, but are explained after a short research.

High yields and short maturities

The binary options score points with the simple explanation of what they are and how to deal with them. Once interested parties have informed themselves sufficiently and want to become active in the market themselves, another positive fact comes to light. The returns on binary options are very high. Some online brokers offer yields of up to 95 percent for so-called “call” options, i.e. that the price will rise. If one would act accordingly with an employment of 100 euro and a successful call option make, one made 95 euro profit. This sounds more than tempting, but the binary options can do even more. The so-called “scalping” describes fast trading from one second to 60 seconds. It is therefore possible to trade several options at the same time within one minute. This, together with the high yields, makes it possible to generate several high profits in a very short time.

The catch on the whole thing

It should now be clear why binary options are so popular. They are easy to explain, trading works with all financial products, is apparently very fast and the profit margin is huge. That’s largely true. Nevertheless, the risks of trading on the financial market must also be pointed out. Because with binary options the chance is not 50/50 but the risk of losses is much greater. Many different factors have an impact on the financial market. No matter whether you trade stocks, foreign exchange, currencies or crypto currencies. Politics, other news from the financial market, social and societal issues directly determine the market and its price movements.

This means briefly and concisely that if you want to be successful on the financial market and with binary options, you have to deal comprehensively with the latest news and topics about trading on the financial market. Of course, you can score a lucky hit every now and then, but the risk of long-term and possibly high losses clearly speaks against this strategy. Professional online brokers offer a section with the latest news as well as tips and tricks from experienced traders. On the above website you will find a wide range of online brokers, some of whom offer demo accounts. This gives traders the opportunity to trade with virtual money and is an ideal opportunity for new market participants to take their first steps without any risk and to gain safe experience.

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