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What is seed to sale software? How technology is revolutionising the CBD industry

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10th Mar 20 3:11 pm

With cannabis now legal in a number of areas due to the growth in CBD products, interested entrepreneurs around the globe are beginning to wonder if they can get a foot in the industry and start a successful business. If you’re one of them, you may have heard about something called “seed to sale” software and are now wondering what it is and how it works.

First off, seed to sale is a term unique to the industry and it is used as a blanket term to describe the reporting and tracking activities that cannabis licence holders are required by law to follow in order to remain compliant and stay licensed. These requirements have been put in place for the purpose of legal cannabis production operation so that it doesn’t become a part of the black (or “legacy”) market.

The advantages of seed to sale software

Now that you have an idea of what seed to sale defines, it should be fairly easy to guess what the software is all about. Seed to sale software (otherwise known as cannabis track and trace software, or simply cannabis software), includes a number of features that are designed to help cannabis companies ensure that they stay licensed. From a broad standpoint, this is accomplished with features that track the lifecycle of every gram of cannabis produced and/or processed in a facility all the way up to where it is sold to either a vendor or directly to a medical patient (from seed to sale).

Tracking capabilities allow cannabis companies to remain compliant, and thus maintain their licence. But seed to sale software goes beyond simple tracking features. For example, seed to sale software by Ample Organics can offer a number of useful features to cannabis business owners that not only help with compliance but aim to boost performance and efficiency.

  • Full integration with hardware devices such as scanners, scales, and printers, that makes it easy to record and update data in conjunction with the use of barcodes and tags
  • The ability to easily generate compliance reports
  • View data on starting materials and their origin, total cannabis output, how much was sold, and how much was returned and destroyed
  • Gain insights with captured data in order to make informed decisions
  • Increase security with user authentication and advanced encryption and tokenisation methods
  • Use onboarding and client management software that includes a comprehensive patient database and prescription management system
  • Update records instantly with wireless scanners that include workflow prompts and the ability to track every action
  • Utilise process automation that saves time, reduces manual labour, and lowers the amount of errors

With so many useful features, it’s no wonder that the majority of cannabis companies use this software to help manage their business operations. Without it, they would have a difficult time tracking their seed to sale in order to ensure full transparency and remain compliant according to the local governing laws. And when that happens, they risk losing their licence and credibility among consumers as well as investors.

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