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What is a top event for a bouquet of flowers?

by Sarah Dunsby
25th Mar 24 10:21 am

Birthday is one of the most awaited events of the year for everyone. On this day, the birthday person is showered with attention, compliments, and gifts. And the most popular and suitable present for any event are flowers. You can send flowers in UK for your loved ones by checking the website myflowers.co.uk. Flowers can be either a separate present or an addition to the main gift. MyFlowers florists claim that you can give bouquets of flowers not only to girls, but also to men, children, and all people in general. The main thing is to choose the right colour type of flowers for bouquet, which we will discuss below.

What compositions should you give to a birthday person

When picking a bouquet of flowers image to give as a birthday gift, you should give preference to blooms that reflect the recipient’s personality, favourite colours, or the message you want to send. Here are some popular options that are suitable for gifting on birthdays:

  • Roses are a classic choice for a birthday party. They talk about love, beauty, and appreciation. You can choose roses in the recipient’s favourite colour or opt for a vibrant mixed bouquet to convey joy and celebration.
  • Elegant lilies symbolise purity, prosperity, and happiness. They come in various colours and varieties and are considered a beautiful choice for birthday bouquets.
  • Gerberas are cheerful and bright plants that are often associated with innocence, joy, and positivity. They can add a playful touch to birthday arrangements due to their beautiful colours.
  • Exotic and elegant orchids mean love, luxury, and beauty. They make a sophisticated choice for birthday gifts and can convey a message of admiration and appreciation.
  • Tulips are vibrant and cheerful plants that emphasise love, happiness, and springtime. They are an optimal option for birthday bouquets due to their fresh and colourful appearance, especially if the birthday is in spring.
  • Sunflowers represent happiness, vitality, and positivity. Their bright yellow petals and large blooms make them a cheerful choice for celebrating birthdays and conveying warm wishes.
  • Carnations symbolise love, admiration, and good luck. They have long-lasting blooms that can add a pop of colour to birthday arrangements.

When selecting a bouquet for a birthday gift, be sure about the recipient’s preferences and favourite colours. If you don’t know which option the birthday person may like, turn to professional florists. They will help you to find the best option depending on the message you want to send. A thoughtful bouquet of flowers will make the recipient’s day much better and show her that you care about their special gift occasions.

Nailia Schwarz via www.imago-images.de / Avalon

How to choose the colour of flowers?

It’s not enough to decide just on the type of flowers. The colour of the buds plays an equally significant role.

  • Women can be presented with bouquets decorated with a wide variety of flowers. The choice should be based on the lady’s age. So, compositions with plants will suit young girls, the petals of which will have delicate tones such as lilac, heavenly, pink, and milky. As for plant varieties, preference can be given to peonies, daisies, lilies, tulips, irises, and exotic alstroemerias. Older women can also be presented with a timeless classic – a bouquet of roses.
  • For ladies of advanced age, exquisite bouquets of orchids, fluffy chrysanthemums, or majestic dahlias are ideal. There is an opinion that the older the lady, the darker the plant buds should be. However, it is not at all necessary to adhere to this rule. You can even opt for bright or pastel shades. And grandmothers can be presented with fresh flowers in pots. Indoor plants can perfectly enliven any interior and help make the air in the apartment cleaner.
  • It is customary to give men bouquets with single-colour buds in deep and dark tones (crimson or purple). A flower arrangement for a man should preferably consist of strict plants with long stems. A good example would be carnations, callas, and gladioli. The decor should be absent or minimal.

There are many more occasions for flowers except birthdays. Bouquets are perfect for events such as anniversaries, weddings, graduations, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, sympathy, thank you, get well soon, and just because. Remember that you don’t have to wait for a special date to make your loved ones happy. You can do it anytime.

Follow simple tips from experienced MyFlowers florists. And if you can’t give a bouquet in person, use the flower delivery service to give your loved ones a good mood.

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