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What does 2023 look like for brands looking to market in the UK

by Sarah Dunsby
30th Jan 23 1:58 pm

In the London area and all over the UK, traditional marketing has taken a hit in the last few years, as digital marketing has flourished. This is no different in the new year of 2023 as we head into the first business quarter.

Of course, brick-and-mortar businesses will still succeed but online businesses (or brick-and-mortar businesses with online platforms) are seeing exponential returns on their use of digital marketing functions.

Any businesses looking to market in 2023 will certainly have a field day if they incorporate the right strategies given to them by professionals (or at least seek professional advice).

Gaining the right strategy

Of course, London, as we know, is the most favoured place for business in the UK. Yet, neglecting other cities and towns that thrive in this digital era is something that shouldn’t be forgotten.

If you’re either looking to try and take your business into the UK market or continue to build a master plan for maximum growth this year – your time is now. As social media platforms are still growing, there is still no sign of the uptrend slowing down – meaning there are better opportunities to reach potential customers/clients in your niche.

If you have the correct strategies and understand the need for people in the UK within your field of work, you will notice customers/clients begin to come to you. Adopting a tailored digital marketing plan will set you apart from the competition – as others tend to rush their plan just to ‘get something out’.

Gaining a strategy will give you a structured idea of how you’re going to attack the UK market this year – to see the finest results.

Digital media platforms

With the rise of usage in the UK for apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and many more – you can see that the demand for brands within every niche will be increasing due to the consumers rising.

Rather than seeing this as you have more competition (which is true) – this is the wrong way to think about it. If you have confidence in your ability to provide a service or product that will bring value to a customer base (even if it may be classed as saturated) – trust your abilities and you will see a boost in revenue if you continue to perform consistently at a high standard.

Now, it is in your hands to act on the platforms and either learn from a professional or partner up with a business that thrives in this growth period.

The UK market

With the rise of inflation, interest rates and other major economical issues in the UK, there is still a large portion of businesses succeeding. Rather than sticking to conventional marketing methods, you will need to venture into digital marketing.

Falling behind in this economical state can become quite daunting and it will catch up to you quickly. Therefore, taking every opportunity to learn or passing this professional work on to someone who is trusted and has been performing for brands in the UK such as Fuelius,  for example, is a must if you want to survive in this current market.

Businesses in the UK

Of course, London is the main target for companies to market their people. You may think that London is the only opportunity that will give you a reasonable ROI (return on investment) – however, this isn’t the case.

There are a plethora of major cities that are open to negotiating business deals, ideas and opportunities for the future. Consequently, if you have an idea or an SME that is already running and established – you have a huge occasion to take action in 2023.

Although you may think that social media stays the same every year, consumer behaviour, attention spans and many other factors will always be changing. Adapting your brand to the new market each year in the UK keeps you open-minded and ready for anything that comes your way.

The joy of business will never leave the country as there are such ambitious counterparts always looking to break into the top tier of businesses. Among London and other cities, brands will have more competition, but using the right tools and partners along your journey will speed up the process and begin to pull you away from the businesses at the same point as you.

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