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What can cognitive bring to your business?

by LLB Editor
15th Mar 16 8:00 am

This is an excerpt from our e-guide, COGNITIVE BUSINESS – How cognitive solutions are enhancing the way we live & work, produced in partnership with IBM

Cognitive is bridging the gap between staff and systems to bring expertise, agility and insight to businesses today.


As Keith Mercier, IBM Watson’s Global Retail Leader, said recently; “by the time a medical professional becomes an expert in their field, they are often nearing retirement”.

It’s not only in the field of medicine; in almost every industry, the point at which we feel most confident in our work is often the time we start looking to move on to pastures new, be it retirement or our next career challenge.

With cognitive solutions, businesses can create a partnership between staff and systems that – to use Mercier’s words – enhances, scales and accelerates human expertise. Far from replacing human experience within the workplace, it helps businesses to draw on that experience continuously. With those language, vision and speech APIs, Watson can compile business data and convert it into useful information, to help businesses retain knowledge and expertise, even as staff move on. Having a Watson-powered system at your fingertips is like having an expert at hand, ready to help when needed.


In the age of digital, agility is key to running a successful business. Businesses need

to be ready to move, and move fast. IBM’s cognitive cloud capabilities allow businesses to manoeuvre quickly and build tailored solutions that can adapt and evolve to their needs.

Through cloud-based platforms like Bluemix, Watson brings agility and innovation to businesses of any size. Bluemix is a responsive, easy to use app development platform that can transform ideas into useful applications in a matter of hours.

Getting started is not only easy; it’s free. Customers only pay once the app reaches a certain threshold – in terms of users, licenses or requirements – making it perfect for SMEs to rapidly test and deploy pilot apps.


Imagine the insight your business could gain from a team member who had access to every client interaction, every email, every spreadsheet – in short, every piece of information generated by your business. Not only that, but they could trawl through that information at breakneck speed, revealing patterns based not only on facts and figures, but on human interaction, activity and behaviour. With Watson on your team, you can do just that, allowing your staff to use cognitive insights to grow and develop your business.

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COGNITIVE BUSINESS: How cognitive solutions are enhancing the way we live & work

COGNITIVE BUSINESS – How cognitive solutions are enhancing the way we live & work


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