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What are Trim Trio® connectors?

by Sarah Dunsby
28th Nov 23 2:08 pm

When browsing Eaton’s Souriau industrial connector profile, you will have likely come across the terminology Trim Trio® – but what exactly does this mean?

Trim Trio refers to the three contact types which can be used within Souriau industrial connectors – machined, stamped & formed and high-speed.

With robust plastic or metal shells, latch or bayonet locking, and high mating cycles, these circular and rectangular connectors are ideal for all kinds of demanding applications.

The unique feature whereby connectors allow a variety of contact design makes Trim Trio® connectors efficient in simplifying supply chains and production, allowing you to switch from one Souriau series to another easily.

Less fuss and lower costs any time you need to upgrade or modify your Souriau system – what’s not to like?

Why use Souriau Trim Trio® connectors?

With interchangeable contact technology based on the same design, Trim Trio® connectors give you the flexibility to swap from one compatible Souriau series to another with little impact on the rest of your equipment or your productivity.

This flexibility makes these connectors a fantastic choice for a variety of challenging applications, from automation and energy to off-road and railway – as does their other high-quality features.

Souriau connectors in the Trim Trio® profile are compliant with IEC and UL safety standards, and many are designed to withstand rugged installations, with high resistance to varying temperatures, UV, water ingress, salt spray, and vibration.

Various shell sizes, wire gauges, current ratings, termination types, and more are available, allowing for a wide range of layouts and receptacle configurations.

All are RoHS compliant for environmental safety, and most are Ethernet compatible.

Which Souriau series are Trim Trio® connectors?

The primary designs in the Trim Trio® portfolio are the UTG Series, the UTS Series and the UTO Series.

Souriau UTS Series connectors have lightweight plastic shells, 1/3 turn bayonet coupling, 2-32 contacts, and waterproof sealing up to IP68 and IP69K.

The Souriau UTG Series of plastic connectors with metal locking face also have a bayonet locking system, with 3-48 contacts and IP44 or IP65 ingress protection.

Souriau UTO Series metal connectors provide 3-61 contacts, 1/3 bayonet locking, offer IP68 and IP69K ingress protection and offer black anodised or a standard nickel plated coupling ring.

While these series are the easiest to interchange, with most types being intermateable, a few other connector lines also form part of the Trim Trio® portfolio. These are the bayonet-locking Souriau UTP Series and the latch-locking Souriau UTL Series and Souriau SMS Series.

If you would like to find out more about Trim Trio® Souriau connectors, it is best to open a conversation with a long-standing distributor of Souriau connectors in the UK, like Northern Connectors – who have been distributing these solutions for over 40 years and would be more than happy to offer assistance.

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