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We need a global climate crisis organisation and UK should be on a ‘war footing’

by LLB political Reporter
28th Jul 23 11:59 am

A leading scientist has said that countries should come together to tackle the climate crisis and form a global organisation similar to the World Health Organization.

Sir David King, former UK chief scientific adviser and chairman of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, warned it is “almost certain” the average world wide temperature will rise to 2C.

Scientist have previously warned that once the earth’s temperature reaches 2C this will then lead to a possible irreversible heating.

The global temperature is currently at 1.2C and we are all seeing wildfires, storms severe heatwaves and the United Nation ecretary-general Antonio Guterres warned on Thursday, “The era of global warming has ended, the era of global boiling has arrived.”

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This is a result of the industrial revolution with a build up of greenhouse gases the burning of fossil fuels.

Sir David told the PA news agency, “In terms of a health crisis, such as the Covid crisis, we have a World Health Organisation and it’s based in Geneva and is part of the United Nations. We don’t have a world climate crisis organisation.

“That’s what we need, so that all countries of the world could come together through a body of this kind, as we do when there’s a health crisis, we all contribute to the cost of the WHO.

“We need a global system that pulls us all together to battle with this external threat to our manageable future.”

The climate scientist added, “This is the first Government that has done this. Until 2017, Governments of all colours followed this policy very closely, but we’ve seen that really being ignored now.

“That is pure expediency and I feel that we’re being badly let down by leadership.”

Speaking to BBC’s Newsnight on Thursday, Labour MP Barry Gardiner said, “If this were a war, we wouldn’t be arguing whether the Labour strategy or the Tory strategy were better, we’d be working together to try and win.

“Well it is a war, it’s a war for survival, and climate change threatens everything.

“It threatens our food security through drought, desertification, it threatens our homes and our cities through floods and coastal inundation.

“What we need to be doing is saying, let’s get together, let’s mobilise on a war footing.”

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