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We can thank Covid rule breakers for latest second wave

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
23rd Sep 20 9:36 am

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has blamed people for “too many breaches” of coronavirus rules for a second wave, and he warned that there could be a “second national lockdown.”

As a result of the “many breaches” and in some cases done deliberately, this has allowed the “invisible enemy to slip through.”

This could well lead to drastic economic fallouts with hundreds of thousands of more job losses, if we do indeed hit a second national lockdown, as the country experienced in the spring.

Johnson has announced that there will now be a 10pm curfew which has been met with fierce reactions from Brewers and pub chains which are now being forced to make thousands redundant.

Addressing the nation on Tuesday evening the Prime Minister said, “For months, with those disciplines of social distancing, we’ve kept that virus at bay.

“But we have to acknowledge that this is a great and freedom-loving country.

“While the vast majority have complied with the rules, there have been too many breaches, too many opportunities, for our invisible enemy to slip through undetected.

“The virus has started to spread again, in an exponential way.”

The government have also been blamed for their “bad policies” such as encouraging people to return to work in June, then in August go Out to Help Out scheme, then in September a major U-turn was then made within weeks.

Professor Stephen Reicher insisted this was a “bad” policy and the governments messaging is also to blame for the huge spike in infections, which saw almost 5,000 new infections on Tuesday.

Johnson warned on Tuesday evening that if “people do not follow the rules we have set out, then we must reserve the rights to go further,” meaning England will be hit with a strict second lockdown.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, said Johnson’s speech and his handling of the pandemic has been a “disaster.”

She wrote on Twitter: “Unless you acknowledge an issue you cannot sort that issue out, why keep persisting with this nonsense?”

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