Watch: Brexit talks are about the national interest, says PM


Facing a leadership crisis after two of her cabinet ministers — Dominic Raab and Esther McVey– resigned one after the other today, PM Theresa May continued to defend her Brexit plan in Parliament.

In her Commons speech today, May said that the declaration will end free movement “once and for all”, and a new skills-based immigration will be implemented.

She added: “The UK will become an independent costal state once again,” she says, outlining plans to leave the blocs Common Fisheries Policy – at the end of the transition period. When I first became PM in 2016 there was no ready made blueprint for Brexit – I’ve been committed day and night to delivering Brexit.

“But I’ve also said withdrawing from the EU after 40 years… would be complex and hardwork… a Brexit that is in the national interest is possible.

“Once a final deal is agreed I will bring it to Parliament and ask MPs to give it backing.”

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that the withdrawal agreement represents a “huge and damaging failure”.