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US HIMARS ‘completely destroy’ Putin’s new £160 million ‘mobile coastal radar station’

by LLB staff reporter
29th Aug 23 3:08 pm

Ukrainian HIMARS have “completely destroyed” Vladimir Putin’s new “unique” radar station thought to be worth £160 million.

The US supplied HIMARS can obliterate their targets with pinpoint accuracy and were used to destroy Putin’s prized “mobile coast radar station” in Russian occupied Kherson.

It is believed that the radar system was being used to spy on Ukrainian forces since June and was hit by Ukraine’s Operational Command South.

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Aerial footage showed the moment the Predel-E radar system was destroyed with a column of thick black smoke filling the sky.

On Telegram the Defence Forces of the South Telegram channel, shows the footage, saying, “Mobile coastal radar station of over-the-horizon detection with increased secrecy Predel-E.

“This is how ambitiously and pompously the Russians presented the novelty of their military-industrial complex to a narrow circle of specialists in June this year.

Then they sent it to the temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast in secret to monitor our actions both at sea and on land.

The Ukrainains in the same strike blew up the Leer-2 electronic warfare system which was being used to attempt to protect the radar.

The southern grouping of forces said, “Nothing can be hidden from us on our land.

“Already in August, our soldiers completely destroyed the unique development worth US $200 million.”

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