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Up to three million people continue to be left behind

by LLB Editor
12th Oct 20 11:13 am

Up to three million people are still not being looked after and have received a triple whammy from the Chancellor say leading tax and advisory firm, Blick Rothenberg.

Robert Salter, a Director at the firm said: “the Government has still ‘ignored’ significant groups of workers with the updated arrangements – the so-called ‘left behinds’ remain left behind under the most recently announced plans.”

He added: “ Workers in this group, who will typically fail to get any support from the Government include:

  1. Owner-managers of limited companies (e.g. personal service companies), who have historically paid themselves via dividends rather than salary;
  2. Those moving from regular freelance role to freelance role – e.g. many people in the theatre, television and film industries;
  3. Those involved in the full-time letting of flats and homes, as such income is officially regarded as investment income rather than self-employed earnings; and
  4. Those self-employed individuals who have started their businesses in 2019/20 (and 2018/19 in some cases).”

Robert said: “ For a Government, which has always talked about supporting small businesses and encouraging an entrepreneurial economy, it is surprising that Mr Sunak continues to ignore the needs of up to three million people who are estimated to be in this group of left behinds.

He added: “ Such workers are likely to face additional taxes in the coming years and the reality of additional taxes, poor economic growth because of Covid and the absolute lack of any real support represent a real ‘triple whammy’ for this group.”

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