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ULEZ was the ‘right’ but a ‘difficult decision’ as the ‘air in central London’ has been cleaned ‘by almost 50%’

21st Jul 23 2:11 pm

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said on Friday that ULEZ was a “difficult decision” but it was the “right one.”

This comes after it has been suggested that ULEZ may have cost Labour the seat in the by-election in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Speaking to Sky News re the loss of the Uxbridge and Ruislip seat for Labour Khan said, “Of course I am disappointed whenever there is an election and Labour doesn’t win.

“I have lived in London my entire life, this seat has never been Labour since I’ve been alive, including in 1997 in the Tony Blair landslide and the subsequent by-election a few months later, or 2001, 2005 or subsequent elections.

“So of course I am disappointed that we didn’t win.”

Speaking about ULEZ, the Mayor for London said, “I am quite clear though, the policy to expand the ultra low emission zone is the right one.

“It was a difficult decision to take. But just like nobody will accept drinking dirty water, why accept dirty air?

“We know the ULEZ has cleaned the air in central London by almost 50%. What about those in outer London?”

Khan added, “We have got a scrappage scheme because we have been listening, £110 million in the scrappage scheme, and because I am listening we have widened the eligibility so every single family in London who receives child benefit is now eligible, every business who employs up to 50 people can now receive support and every charity can now receive support.

“We are going to carry on listening, making sure we monitor the situation, but the choice is simple.

“Do we kick the can down the road to clean up the air in London or do we take action?”

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said in Selby and Ainsty that every vote must be earned and praised the work of his colleagues and fellow MPs.

Sir Keir said, “Every vote has to be earned, but this is an incredible result. Never in the history of the Labour Party have we overturned a 20,000 majority in a Tory heartland, so I know that we have to go forward from here, we have to continue with that positive message, we have to earn every vote.

“But last night, many, many people put their trust in the Labour Party, and we know as we go forward that we must continue to earn the trust and to deliver if we get the chance in a Labour government on the very many aspirations of people in this constituency.”

He added, “This is a big step forward towards the general election – never before in our history have we done this. I’m very, very proud of the team here.”

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