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Ukrainians ‘forced’ to board ‘trains’ and are being ‘violently deported’ to Russian labour camps or remote cities

21st Mar 22 2:18 pm

Moscow are “deporting” Mariupol civilians and “violently” placing them on to trains to Russian labour camps or remote cities which is akin to the “horrific events of WWII, when the Nazis captured people.”

Many reports have started to emerge over the past few days with Russian soldiers forcing Ukrainian civilians in the besieged city of Mariupol onto trains heading for Russia.

Diana Berg told Good Morning Britain that she escaped the southeastern port city, said friends and acquaintances have claimed people living in the Russia-controlled part of the city have been “deported violently” across the border.

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Berg added to GMB,  “From the eastern and northern districts of Mariupol, where Russia has taken part of the city, indeed, people are being deported.

“What I know is they bring people to Taganrog. There they have these trains provided to go to Tula and I don’t know what happens next.

“I know they’re being deported violently and they take passports.

“I really don’t know what happens next and how to save those people who are now hostages not only in Mariupol.

“We now got hostages in Russia and in the DPR territory as well.”

Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko issued a statement over the weekend, he said the conduct of Vladimir Putin’s forces are akin to the forcible removal of Jews to concentration camps during the Second World War.

Boichenko warned, “What the occupiers are doing today is familiar to the older generation, who saw the horrific events of World War II, when the Nazis forcibly captured people.

“It is hard to imagine that in the 21st-century people can be forcibly taken to another country.”

There have been many more reports whereby civilians are being forced to sign documents agreeing for them to be sent to labour camps.

Mariupol’s Mayor assistant Pyotr Andryuschenko on Sunday claimed up to 4,500 residents were “forcibly” moved to the Russian city of Taganrog.

According to the New York Times, “although [Andryuschenko] did not have proof that they might be used for forced labour, he said that with nowhere to live and no resources to rely on, they would be at the mercy of the people who had taken them across the border.”

The British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said she is “appalled by Russian atrocities in Mariupol” and the “abduction and deportation of Ukrainians” being sent to “filtration camps” in Russia.

Truss has likened Russia’s actions to that of Nazi Germany after a Ukrainian MP said that men and women are being forced to relocate to “distant parts of Russia” and work in slave camps by the bus load.

The besieged city of Mariupol is in an humanitarian emergency as it is surrounded by Russian troops leaving residents trapped and without food or water.

Truss tweeted, “I am appalled by Russian atrocities in Mariupol, including attacks on schools sheltering civilians and the abduction and deportation of Ukrainians.

“Putin is resorting to desperate measures as he is not achieving his objectives.

“Putin and his regime will be held to account.”

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