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Ukrainian Special Operations Forces destroy $25 million of Russian equipment in a week

by LLB Reporter
26th Oct 23 2:05 pm

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) have destroyed Russian equipment valued at around $25 million in one week in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Critical Russian battlefield artillery fire coordination complex which is used to help aid artillery to fire on Ukrainian positions was destroyed by Ukrainian surface-to-surface and surface-to-air fire, the Kyiv Post reported.

SSO had identified numerous heavy Russian equipment and coordinated artillery strikes and the targets were destroyed.

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Ukrainian defence forces destroyed, The BM-27 “Uragan” (“Hurricane”) which is a Soviet self-propelled 220mm multiple rocket launcher that is used for deploying cluster munitions, which has maximum range of 500 kilometers.

A BM-21 Grad Soviet self propelled multiple rocket launcher and a “Heavy Flamethrower System” TOS-1 – a multiple rocket launcher that is capable of utilising thermobaric warheads which can vaporise the human body.

The Zoopark radar system which is used for countering artillery attacks and can detect mortar shells within 20 kilometers and surface-to-air missiles.

The SSO said on Telegram, “An incendiary week was organized by the operators of one of the divisions of the SSO for the occupiers in the Zaporizhzhia region.”

Adding, “In the Donetsk sector, the SSO successfully eliminated the ‘Zoopark-1’ reconnaissance and fire control radar complex, a prized possession often boasted about by the Russians.”

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