Home Business News Ukrainian HIMARs continue to send the Russians running scared and await the ‘newly untrained conscripts’ who will end up dead

Ukrainian HIMARs continue to send the Russians running scared and await the ‘newly untrained conscripts’ who will end up dead

by LLB political Reporter
29th Sep 22 4:53 pm

Vladimir Putin is desperately trying to mobilise at least 300,000 conscripts to fight in the Ukraine as he has realised invading the country was a “colossal mistake.”

Thousands of the new conscripts are not being trained, they are being provided with rusty and unusable Somalian AK47s and are being dumped in fields with no tents or food.

Kyiv has said that they had expected Putin to order conscripts to fight the war given that tens of thousands have been annihilated in seven months with many thousands more wounded with life changing injuries and many more have fled.

The Ukrainian armed forces are humiliating the new conscripts who have joined the Russian Army and have called them the “goon mobilisation.”

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Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine, “Since it was called ‘partial’ mobilization, it is logical to shorten it to ‘chmobilization’ [goon mobilization].

“This was an absolutely expected event and was not news to us. Because we know exactly the real losses of Russian troops.”

Reznikov claims, “they [Russia] lost 50,000 killed and at least 100,000 wounded.

“Moreover, they were trained warriors.

“The absolutely logical reaction of the military-political leadership of the Kremlin is to start making up for these losses.”

He said after the “pseudo-referendum” Russia will most likely try to intimidate the West that it should not, allegedly, allow Ukraine to shoot Western weapons at “the legally defined territories of the Russian Federation.”

The Minister said, “Since lawyers from the St. Petersburg legal school are sitting there, they will try to legitimize their lawlessness.

“But, excuse me, these are our temporarily occupied territories. These are the territories of Ukraine, recognized by everyone, therefore both HIMARS and the 155 mm caliber will continue to de-occupy our lands [U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday that the United States is not opposed to Ukraine using Western weapons to return territories where the Russian Federation organized pseudo-referenda].”

Speaking about the response actions of the Ukrainian side, Reznikov added, “We have the General Staff.

“The planning of operations and their conduct are the task of the commanders in the areas.

“The global development of events is Valeriy Zaluzhny and the entire General Staff. There are serious men who calculate for several moves forward, how we will react to this or that situation at the front. In particular, we receive intelligence data.

“There are certain steps, including those related to the formation of reserves, their preparation.”

“The decision on additional mobilization will be taken by the General Staff.”

Recalling the training in the UK of 30,000 reservists, “motivated people, not driven like a herd of sheep.”

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