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Ukraine working on ‘new sanctions’ for ‘Russian savages’ to stimulate the Russians ‘of the terrorist state’

by LLB political Reporter
15th Aug 22 2:01 pm

Russians who do not support the war should be in support of Ukraine, said the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

President Zelensky also said they are working on sanctions against Moscow and are supporting the European countries who restricting visa’s against Russian citizens.

In his traditional statement on Sunday evening President Zelensky said, “We are working on new sanctions against Russia and on stimulating the citizens of the terrorist state to feel their share of responsibility for what is happening.”

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He added, “the discussion about visa restrictions in Europe for holders of Russian passports is expanding every day, new states and new politicians are joining it.

“Ultimately, this should lead to appropriate decisions.”

He went to thank journalists and Ukrainian officials who are working to establish information on Russians who are “responsible for terror and torture.”

The President said, “I am grateful to our intelligence officers, law enforcement officers, journalists and everyone who works to establish the full data on the Russian killers.

“Ukraine and our partners are receiving more and more information about those directly responsible for terror and torture, for the so-called filtration and deportation of our people, for looting.”

He said that all these “Russian savages” will definitely be held to account, adding, “But we must remember that when evil takes on such proportions, people’s silence approaches the level of complicity.

“And the rejection of the real fight against evil becomes the assistance to it.

“Therefore, if you have Russian citizenship and you are silent, it means that you are not fighting, it means that you are supporting it.

“And no matter where you are – both on the territory of Russia and abroad – your voice should sound in support of Ukraine, and therefore against this war.”

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