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Ukraine using experimental machine gun mounted robots to assault Russian positions

by LLB staff reporter
30th Jan 24 2:01 pm

Ukraine is using experimental machine gun mounted robots on the frontlines to carry out assaults on Russian positions.

Millions has gone into funding the unmanned tech as they are using aerial drones, water drones which have successfully been blowing up enemy assets on the front, the Black Sea and inside the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian digital transformation minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, said in September that they are using the “ironclad” uncrewed ground vehicles (UGVs) for various missions.

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The UGVs which has a machine gun and a robotic combat turret can carry out recon missions that can travel at 12mph.

Samuel Bendett from the Center for Naval Analyses said that the “fantastic future has already arrived” which protects Ukrainian troops who can operate the UGVs from a safe distance.

Bendett added, “We are witnessing a similar pattern on both sides when it comes to UGV developments.”

He said, “The vehicles tend to be on the smaller side, to minimize the chances of getting discovered by the ever-present aerial drones.

“The overall goal is to perform simple missions like advancing on the adversary position, forcing the enemy to shoot it and therefore reveal his position for subsequent strikes by ground or aerial systems.”

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