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UK is in crisis as we are ‘sleepwalking into food shortages and that’s a fact’ as farmers ‘turn down production’

by LLB staff reporter
25th Apr 22 4:39 pm

The war in Ukraine has created chaos as the supply chain which is crippling farmers across the UK as “ridiculous fertiliser prices” has soared from £300 per tonne to £1,000.

Farmers use nitrogen fertilisers on wheat, vegetables, pulses and for grass for cows and sheep to eat the grass as it helps for it to grow.

As a result British farmers have reportedly started to cut production as they simply cannot afford the soaring costs.

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Gareth Wyn Jones, a farmer from Snowdonia, told GB News, “We’re sleepwalking into food shortages and that’s a fact.”

He added, “I could take you to 10 farms in the surrounding area now that are turning down their production – chicken farmers, egg producers, milk producers, even beef and lamb because feed prices are going through the roof.

“We’ve got absolutely ridiculous fertiliser prices and we can’t forget that half the food produced in this world comes from artificial fertiliser.”

Tim Lang, professor emeritus of food policy at City, University of London, said, “We are talking about rationing sunflower oil today, but it could be other products soon.

“The Ukraine crisis is piling on the agony and reminding us – and the Government – that we cannot assume supermarket shelves will always be full.”

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