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UK is a ‘virus variant region’ and Brits set to be banned from entering Germany

22nd May 21 9:51 am

Germany are to ban Brits from Sunday as the UK has been declared a virus variant of concern, anyone who does travel must quarantine for two weeks on arrival.

People travelling from the UK and Northern Ireland can only enter Germany if they are a resident or a German citizen from midnight on Sunday 23 May.

A German government source told Reuters news agency, “We want to play it safe.

“In this important phase of the vaccination campaign, the entry of problematic mutations must be avoided as far as possible.”

A spokesman for the Health Ministry said, “If we want to keep pushing down infection rates, we need to prevent contagious viral variants from jeopardising this positive trend.

“This step is hard for the UK, but it is necessary to prevent the rapid spread of the Indian variant in Germany.”

However Germany is currently on the UK government’s amber list for travel, and anyone arriving back from the country must quarantine in England for 10 days and must also take a pre-departure test and two post arrival tests.

A Tory MP has said on Friday that Brits who travel to an amber list country for a “jolly” when they are not allowed “are going to be fined” when they return back to the UK.

Conservative MP, Dehenna Davison told BBC Radio 5, “There are definitely checks going on and people who are found to be lying or people who are travelling just for a jolly when they shouldn’t be are going to be fined.

“Because you know it is easy to ask all of these questions, people want to find loopholes to be able to travel.”

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