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Twitter makes a u-turn on new abuse tool

14th Feb 17 3:19 pm

What did the social media giant do?

Twitter reversed one of its changes it made to help tackle bullying on the social media platform, it made the move just two hours after it rolled it out.

The social network said it would no longer notify users if they have been added to a list by another member on the site.

However, this move brought on many complaints by users, they said the change only buried the abuse and limited the feature.

Twitter has described the change as a “mis-step”.

The social network lets members compile lists of different users they follow; for example, the list could be “celebrities” or “video gamers”.

Members are then notified as to when they have been added to a list, however some members use it as a way to abuse the feature by adding users to mean-spirited lists.

SwiftOnSecurity, tweeted: “Critical for people to know if they’ve been added to a list intended for targets. This is blinding the vulnerable,”

“The correct approach is to allow people to remove themselves from lists or do it upon blocking the owner.”

Twitter then reversed its decision two hours later, Ed Ho, the company’s vice president of engineering, tweeted: “Reconsidered and reversing.”

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