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trilliant ATMs: Their features and why cryptocurrency is about to change

28th Jun 18 9:29 am

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Operating under the Crypto Capital AG umbrella, Trilliant is a blockchain company with a difference – they have developed the world’s first crypto ATM terminals.

The first phased launch of these terminals is set to go ahead in the fall of 2018, with a planned roll-out of more than 500 terminals across Europe in the next 24 months. This represents a historic time in the history of cryptocurrency as it represents the first presence cryptocurrencies will have in the physical world.

The terminals will allow investors, both casual and professional, a facility to purchase cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash and Ethereum by inserting traditional currencies or providing their debit or credit card details. Not only that, investors will also be able to withdraw cash against their cryptocurrency assets and sell cryptocurrency with ease and convenience.

Trilliant’s is creating a sustainable infrastructure to service the flourishing cryptocurrency sector. There terminals will be strategically-placed in key emergent geographies across Europe, with the plan to continue the roll-out of their innovative terminals throughout Q4 of 2018 and into 2019.

Equally as exciting as the installation of cryptocurrency terminals is the intuitive interface of each and the features the ATMs will offer. Each will facilitate two-way money handling, meaning that all machines will be able to fulfil pay-in and pay-out commands. ICO’s will also be able to be accessed directly at the ATM.

The terminals will feature an ultra-modern touch screen, card reader and pin pad which will facilitate cryptocurrency purchases via both credit and debit cards. Additionally, all terminals will have an in-built sophisticated front camera that allows for advanced KYC (know your customer) identification – making them one of the most secure means of accessing cryptocurrency assets.

Trilliant will also launch its own TRIL tokens. These are ERC20-based smart contracts which assist in buying ownership rights of Trilliant’s fractional ownership units. The tokens offer a wealth of advantages to users, which include reduced fees, as a TRIL tokens cover a percentage of transaction fees. TRIL will also be burned – something that will reduce the overall supply of TRIL. As the amount of ATM terminals begins to rise throughout 2019, so too will the collective profit generated from the terminals, which, in turn, will see the demand for TRIL rise too.

Moreover, through Trilliant’s Fractional Ownership Program, the company intends to give 2 per cent of the total revenue generated by their ATMs from the transaction fees to their unit holders. This represents a significant opportunity for novice and professional cryptocurrency investors to achieve a favourable return on any investment they choose to make – whilst enjoying the ease and convenience of depositing and withdrawing the crypto and traditional currency assets in one of Trilliant’s terminals.

What is undeniable is that the cryptocurrency sector is on the verge of exploding into the mainstream – and Trilliant is leading the march forward.

Learn more about Trilliant by clicking the link here and reading their Whitepaper.

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