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Trending startup ideas for students in London

by Somenath Kanjilal
29th Mar 21 10:21 am

Most young people are ambitious and want to achieve their first success ASAP. There are some small yet profitable business ideas for college students.

Many people believe that London is the cultural mecca of the world and a place with tremendous opportunities. If you want to succeed in life, you should go to London, and if you are already there, you should use all the chances to make your way to success. The city develops rapidly, so the scope of possibilities grows with each year. Even though the pandemic made many businesses suffer a lot (especially true for the tourism sector), many spheres are getting back on track nowadays. Thus, it seems perfect timing to come up with a fascinating yet profitable start up idea. Besides, students have many advantages over other social groups. Firstly, they can examine a speedy paper review to find a reliable service to get their papers done on time and free up their schedule. Secondly, they are inspired and self-motivated, and these qualities are crucial for every businessperson. Thirdly, they can start fresh as many times as they need to find something interesting.

1. Online fashion store

When the world went online, people started rejecting usual stores. They have neither time nor desire to go shopping. And the idea of grabbing a glass of wine and choosing the wanted clothes within the comfort of your home looks too appealing not to give it a try. If you are good at fashion trends, you can become a guru in this sphere. The last tendencies show that fashion keeps coming back, and people want to dress stylishly and demonstrate their personalities through clothes. You can sell trendy outfits or try your hand at reinventing, based on your clients’ tastes and preferences. The more skillful and creative person you are, the higher your chances to occupy a profitable niche.

2. Real estate business

London attracts people from all over the world. International students come here to live their dreams and reach the goals. If you are a resident and can boast of a wide social network, you can try your hand at the real estate business. For example, you can become a real estate agent who can provide newcomers with suitable accommodation within their budgets. And if you have your property, you can start renting it. Besides, one should remember that London attracts a huge number of tourists. When the lockdown ends, people will rush to visit the city again. You can become a host or find suitable apartments for travellers among your friends. This idea doesn’t require initial investments.

3. Interior designing business

Nowadays, many people pay special attention to the atmosphere of their apartments. They want to create a cosy yet trendy interior to take Instagram pics right there. However, not all of them can boast of good taste and the ability to combine different pieces of furniture and accessories to create a catchy picture. If you have experience in this field or at least a well-developed sense of beauty, you can launch your designing online store. You can help people renovate their homes on a budget or completely redesign them. When I was a student, I liked to pay someone to do my essay and devote this time to things I like most. I tried myself in different spheres, and interior design was on the list. It is a very interesting occupation that has provided me with incredible experience and many new acquaintances.

4. Jewellery

Some things never go out of fashion, and jewellery is one of them. If you have a good taste and understanding of current fashion trends, you can launch your online store and sell ready-made sets and customised options. Many fashionistas would be ready to spend a pretty penny on something truly unique and outstanding to show off and stand out from the crowd. You can start small and increase your client base gradually.

5. Baby or pet sitting

If you go well with kids or pets, you can start providing babysitting services. The current pace of life doesn’t allow parents and pet owners to devote as much time to their babies as they would like to. Besides, there are situations when you need to find a reliable person who can watch your favourite. You can become such a person and make a team of like-minded employees.

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