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These are the funniest Easter jokes

10th Apr 17 2:25 pm

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Easter is nearly here but do you know any of these funny jokes?

1. How do you know the Easter Bunny is really smart? Because he’s an egghead.

2. Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs? From Eggplants

3. Why do we paint Easter eggs? Because it’s easier than trying to wallpaper them!

4. Did you hear about the lady whose house was infested with Easter eggs? She had to call an eggs-terminator!

5. What kind of bunny can’t hop? A chocolate one!

6. What do you call a mischievous egg? A practical yolker

7. What did the mummy egg say to the baby egg? You’re “Egg-stra special”.

8. What happened to the egg when he was tickled too much? He cracked up.

9. How should you send a letter to the Easter Bunny? By hare mail!

10. How do bunnies stay healthy? Eggercise

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