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The upkeep cost of a rally driving team

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5th Jul 22 2:57 pm

Rallying is a high-octane motorsport, mostly loved by fans for its thrilling and visual spectacle. Behind all that speed and adrenalin, rally drivers and their teams must invest heavily in their cars and equipment to get on the road. Firstly, the actual rally cars are quite expensive. A new rally car can be quite expensive, costing up to $40,000.

Teams could also get second-hand cars which are much cheaper. Even if you own a suitable vehicle, you still have to invest thousands of dollars in modifying it. Other than the initial car, tool, trailer, and equipment purchasing costs, http://www.rallygruppe.se/  rally teams must grapple with the upkeep of partaking in rallies. Here is a breakdown of the upkeep cost of a rally team.

1. Entry fees

Being part of an event isn’t free. Participants pay varying entry fees depending on the hierarchy of the event, the location, and the level of prestige. The competitors’ experience level determines the event’s hierarchy: are they amateurs or professionals. Amateur events have cheaper entry fees but have less exposure than pro rallies.

The event’s prestige also plays a big role as small local events tend to be less popular, so participation costs are much lower. National or international events garner larger crowds and are therefore more expensive. The entry fees may range from $200 to $400 for small rallies and $600 to $1000 for national events.

2. Cost of travel

Teams have to travel to and from the actual events. Besides the driver, co-driver, and the rest of the team, the car must be shipped to the event location. These costs vary depending on the distance and cost of fuel and plane tickets.

While traveling for local events might cost about $700, national and international rallies might set a team back a few thousand dollars. That is if you consider the cost of shipping the car and the cost of the plane tickets.

3. Accommodation

Accommodation for rally drivers and their co-drivers is important. You need comfortable and fairly-priced accommodation close to the event. Online booking has made securing accommodation pretty smooth, and teams can narrow their options down depending on preference and budget.

Airbnbs and hotels might cost as little as $20 per night and as much as $1000 a night. Fortunately, you’ll typically still enjoy some luxuries at most price points.

4. Car storage

Another upkeep cost that teams often have is storage. Some events offer storage units close to the event, but others don’t, so you might have to get your own. If you own a great enclosed trailer, you probably won’t need to rent a unit for the car, consumables, and tools. The storage might cost around $100 per day, which is pretty expensive.

Take away

Rally driving is thrilling but not for the faint of heart. When going into it, ensure that you have considered all the initial maintenance, upkeep, and running costs. Rallying can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and you want to make sure you have enough to finance your passion.

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