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Former KGB spy warns that Putin ‘fears for his life’ and it’s ‘quite likely he will be poisoned’ in a coup

19th Feb 23 2:59 pm

A former KGB spy has said that Vladimir Putin “fears fir his life” as there is a power struggle happening behind the scenes in the Kremlin.

Yuri Shvets, 71 warned that Putin is in a “meat grinder” as there is a power struggle going on within his inner circle and he has therefore been forced to keep himself isolated.

According to an investigative journalist Putin is travelling in an armoured train because he is “scared” to fly as he believes his private jets can be tracked and possibly shot down by NATO or even Ukraine.

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Putin is said to be hiding out in locations where air traffic is “significantly limited” and Shvets warned that it is “quite likely he will be poisoned. This is the easiest way.”

Investigative journalist, Ilya Rozhdestvensky of the Dossier Center told CNN that Putin believes his armoured train is a “more secure way to travel” and “nobody will know where he’s going.”

Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun who is the former Education Minister said that Putin “does not feel safe” and is increasingly isolated.

The Ukrainian MP told Express.co.uk, “The Kremlin is notoriously a very closed institution so we are only making guesses.

“But I do think that he definitely has to rely on a small and smaller group of people.

“His influence is now based on fear not because people recognise him as a force or anything.

“So it’s kind of a different way, how he’s functioning, and definitely him being extremely cautious with public appearances, travelling on a highly protective train.

“That definitely doesn’t show that he feels safe.”

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