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The most expensive supermarket fuel retailer exposed

by LLB Finance Reporter
5th Jun 24 9:33 am

According to new analysis by the RAC Asda has been named as the most expensive supermarket fuel retailer.

The RAC said that at the end of May Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s sold a litre of petrol at an average of 2.1p less than Asda, whilst the difference in diesel prices was higher at 2.5p per litre.

RAC senior policy officer Rod Dennis said, “A month of decreasing fuel prices should be seen as a good one for drivers but the sheer time it is taking for any meaningful price reductions to reach forecourts is if anything a continuing cause of concern.

“When it comes to much-needed pump price cuts, it’s sadly a case of too little too leisurely, with most drivers still getting a miserable deal every time they fill up.

“We’re once again in classic ‘rocket and feather’ territory, with pump prices only trickling down when they should really be falling like a stone.

“It’s also interesting to see that Asda no longer holds the crown for selling the cheapest fuel despite the pledge made when it was subject to a merger a year ago.

“The other three major supermarkets, as well as some enterprising independents, now offer lower prices.”

An Asda spokesperson said, “Asda was the price leader in the supermarket fuel sector in May and we remain focused on providing our customers with the best value at the pumps as we grow in the convenience sector.

“In May, we reduced the price of unleaded and diesel by a combined average of 2.31p per litre and also announced that we are trialling earn on fuel on the Asda Rewards app, where users can get 0.5% of their fuel spend back in their Asda Rewards Cashpot.”

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